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Raymond Loewy's Lancia Loraymo was featured in the January 1961 edition of Mechanix Illustrated. The text reads: Eye-catching is the design of Raymond Loewy's latest dream car. The striking rig is built on a Lancia Flaminia sport chassis and has a V6 engine with a four-barrel Weber carburetor and Nardi air-intake. The aluminum body was executed by Motto of Turin, Italy. An air foil aileron at the rear of the roof is designed like an airplane wing and its angle of incidence is adjustable to improve performance. Loewy has applied for a patent on it. The chrome-steel framework around the perforated intake grill acts as the front bumper. This member is attached to the chassis and, under shock, slides freely inside the aluminum shell of the hood. The spare wheel is concealed under the floor and is accessible by a pivoting panel under the rear bumper. Lancia Loraymo at the Lancia Museum.
Mechanix Illustrated Article
Lancia Loraymo article in Mechanix Illustrated.
Mechanix Illustrated Article
Mr. and Mrs. Loewy with Loraymo and a close-up.
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