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An unusual Studebaker Avanti model built of cardboard - Mark Crowel, is the author and publisher of books sold through Papercraft Model Car Hobby Books that show how to build and design paper car models. The business is a natural culmination of a passion for model cars combined with a lifelong enjoyment of building things with cardboard; thus, the making of homemade cardboard model cars. These books are all bound in looseleaf note books, because these are practical, "hands-on" workbooks. Plans and patterns are made to be removed and used in the construction of your models. Your book will include the cardstock, heavy paper, and, in the more advanced books, silver coated "chrome" cardboard used in that model. Contact Mark Crowel at papercraftcars@aol.com.
Crowel Cardboard Avanti
Crowel Cardboard Avanti Front
Front 3/4 view of Mark Crowel's cardboard Avanti model.
Crowel Cardboard Avanti Rear
Rear 3/4 view of Mark Crowel's cardboard Avanti model.
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