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Raymond Loewy worked with three designers: John Ebstein, to supervise with Loewy; Bob Andrews, as a designer and clay modeler; and Tom Kellogg, from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Conceptual panels were taped to walls and Loewy explained the Studebaker mandate and his design objectives. Loewy emphasized: minimize chrome; avoid decorative moldings; accent wedge-shape; stress long, down-slanted hood; abbreviate rear and tuck under; place instrument panel overhead, above windshield as in aircraft; install aircraft-type levers on the console; pinch waistline, as le Mans-type racing cars; design hoods with off-center panel; accent spacecraft "reentry curve" wheel openings; simple disc wheels; above all, think aerodynamics. The quad headlights were not used. Robert Doehler axed the fender flares. Sherwood Egbert had the rear shortened and the windshield rake decreased.
Avanti Design Team
Avanti design team in Palm Springs in March 1961.
Loewy with model
Loewy working with clay model.
Early Avanti Design
One of the early sketches.
Avanti Clay Model
One of the original clay models now in the Studebaker National Museum.
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