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Avantis appear in many films and television shows, magazines, news articles and calendars, and theater and multimedia productions. The Avanti has succeeded as a sports luxury vehicle, a world class race car, an icon of sixties style, an eighties convertible, a ninties four door sedan, a 2001 Avanti/Camaro, and a 2005 Avanti/Mustang. Who can guess what feat is next? The car, designed by Raymond Loewy in 1961 and manufactured by the Studebaker Corporation in 1963-64, was reborn as Avanti II in 1966, remained in production through 1991, was reborn again as the AVX and then again as a 2001-2006 model. It was given away as a top prize on Wheel of Fortune in 1989 twenty-three years after Studebaker ended production. In 1993 Avantis zipped through Wild Palms as police vehicles, in 1997 Avantis appeared throughout the film Gattaca as cars of the future, and an Avanti is seen again in the 2011 science fiction thriller In Time!
Happyness DVD
A red Avanti speeds by in the background.
Gattaca DVD
Ethan Hawk’s character, Vincent, drives a 1963 Avanti in several scenes.
Stewart Saves His Family DVD
Stuart is hit by an Avanti while posing for a family snapshot.
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