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The chronology lists milestones in Avanti history from 1961 through today. Design efforts were followed by Studebaker production; Avanti II; Blake, Kelly, and Cafaro; the AVX; and the restyled 21st century models.

1961-1962 – Egbert's inspiration and Loewy's Masterpiece
1961 Egbert envisions a sports/luxury vehicle to boost Studebaker's image
1961 Loewy assembles design team in Palm Springs, California in March
1961 Full-size clay mock-up presented to Studebaker board in April '61
1962 Avanti debuts at the New York International Auto Show in April '62
1962 R-3 driven by Andy Granatelli at Bonneville shatters 29 U.S.records
1962 Avantis arrive in Studebaker showrooms summer of '62

1963-1964 – Studebaker Avanti
1963 Studebaker manufactures 4647 Avantis from June '62 to December '63
1963 '64 model is built from August to December '63, with some overlap
1963 The glory ends prematurely as engineers struggle to fix bugs
1964 Nathan Altman purchases all rights, equipment, and parts

1965-1982 – Avanti Motor Corporation – Avanti II
1965 Avanti Motors press release issued Monday August 2, '65
1965 45 new Avanti II's are produced as 66 models
1968 100 cars built for Avanti II's third model year
1973 10th anniversary generates national publicity
1976 Nate Altman dies leaving his brother Arnold in charge of the company
1982 Stephen Blake purchases Avanti Motors on October 1, '82

1982-1985 – Avanti Motor Corporation – Stephen Blake
1983 Contoured, body-colored bumpers replace chrome ones
1983 Limited Edition 20th Anniversary car introduced
1984 Limited Edition Touring Coupe introduced
1984 First prototype convertibles produced
1985 Blake files bankruptcy in October

1986-1988 – New Avanti Motor Corporation – Michael Kelly
1986 No '86 cars produced
1987 Limited Edition Luxury Sport Coupe (LSC) introduced
1987 Production moved from South Bend to Youngstown, Ohio

1989-1991 – Avanti Automotive Corporation – John J. Cafaro
1989 Four-door sedan unveiled at the New York Automobile show
1991 Avanti production ends after 29 years

1992-1999 – AVX – Jim Bunting
1993 Tom Kellogg submits designs for an Avanti AVX
1996 First one-of-a-kind AVX shown at Studebaker meets
1997 Production prototype shown at Avanti meet in South Bend

2000-Present – Avanti Motor Corporation – Michael Kelly
2000 Seaton and Hull form Avanti Motor Corporation with Michael Kelly
2001 A 2001 Avanti is produced in Villa Rica, Georgia from GM chassis
2003 Avanti Motors introduces Studebaker XUV at Chicago Auto Show
2004 Introduction of a 2005 model Avanti using a Ford chassis
2005 Production of the new Ford-based model continues into 2007
1963 Studebaker
1963 Studebaker Avanti
1964 Studebaker
1964 Studebaker Avanti
Avanti II
Avanti II
1983 Avanti II
1983 Blake
1984 Blake
1984 Blake
Cafaro Four Door
1990 Four Door
 2005 Convertible
2005 Convertible
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