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Links to various Avanti-related websites includes the Avanti Owners Association International (AOAI), the Avanti Chat Group, and the Wikipedia submissions for the 1963 Studebaker Avanti and the non-Studebaker versions. The Studebaker sites include the Studebaker National Museum and a link to more listings of Studebaker links. Some of the Raymond Loewy sites listed include the official Raymond Loewy site and "Rediscovered Paper" which features the Loewy Lithographs.

Avanti Websites

Avanti Owners Association and Studebaker Chat Groups
Avanti Owners Association

Avanti Owners' club that holds annual meets at various locations around the US and publishes Avanti Magazine.
Avanti Chat Group

Avanti owners' automotive discussion. Membership required to join.
Studebaker Drivers Club

The official website of the Studebaker Drivers Club includes posts for Avanti owners and enthusiasts.
Studebaker Drivers Club Forum

Direct link to the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum. An open forum for posting all Studebaker subjects including Avanti.
General Information Sites
1963 Studebaker Avanti
Non- Studebaker Avantis
How Stuff Works

Studebaker Avanti story in four paragraphs with additional related links.
Concept Cars

Medium length article about the Studebaker Avanti with photos.
Dan Jedlicka -
Road Tests / Classic Cars
Long article and lots of good photos. Covers Studebaker and Avanti II.

Find or Sell Avantis
Auto Trader Classics

Buy and sell classic cars. Automatic search for year, make and model. Includes Avanti in classic cars.
Ohio Corvettes
and Muscle Cars

Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars, also known as Northwest Auto Sales, specializes in selling classic Corvettes and muscle cars.

Raymond Loewy Sites
Raymond Loewy Official site

Official website sponsored by Loewy Design and managed by Raymond Loewy's estate.
Loewy Designs

Loewy fan site with family images and various designs
Raymond Loewy Tribute

Dirk Koester's handsome and informative Raymond Loewy website. German/English language versions.
Loewy's lithographs information and sales.
Studebaker Sites
Studebaker National Museum

Collection focuses on the century-long history of the Studebaker Corporation and includes vehicles, photos and displays, and an archive of photos and documents not on display.
Studebaker International
From Avanti dashboards to Avanti tee shirts - all kinds of Avanti stuff.
Studebaker Vendor

Directory of suppliers of parts and services.
Vendors Listing
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