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The first Studebaker Avanti is serial number R1001Z. The serial number is located on the passenger side very low on the frame. The original 1963 Studebaker Avanti engines were designated as R1 (non-supercharged) or as R2 (supercharged). To register click the "Register Your Avanti" link above. Support the Avanti Registry with a donation in any amount ($10, $20, or $50 are suggested) and a "Certified Registration" emblem will be included in your registration.
Certified R3 Registration
1963 Studebaker Avanti Owner Registry
Date Year Number Owner Description Registration
May 7, 2015 1963 63R-0096 Bob Lee R1 automatic, same owner for 42 years. 2015 Registration
Dec 12, 2015 1963 63R-0325 Kenneth L. Zubrod Green-turquoise interior, supercharger, automatic. Rebuilt motor and transmission, new paint and tires. (Registered as "325 63R-Q.") 2015 Registration
Apr 12, 2014 1963 63R-1001 LeMay Museum Avanti R1001 with Engine RS1002. Serial number for the car 63R 1001. The order date was 4/26/1962. Final assembly date was 6/1962. Shipping date was 6/25/1962. Body Number for the car 63R-Q, then 101 was added. Avanti White with Interior Deluxe Orange. Engine, R2, #RS1002 - matches the build sheet. Car came with: hill holder, front and rear seat belts, rear speaker, antenna, white wall tires, and twin traction. 2014 Registration
Mar 10, 2004 1963 63R-1004 James K. Carter R2 40,000 miles, frame off restoration completed to original factory specifications. Beautiful car, white exterior, with orange / fawn interior. Has PS, PB, 455TT, auto, seat belts, AM radio. 2004 Registration
Jul 12, 2015 1963 63R-1007 John C. Hora Gold with faun interior. Body #107. Original California registration was to Paxton Products. Converted to R3 for speed trials at Bonneville in Oct 1963 and became "world's fastest production automobile" driven by Andy Granatelli. Equipped with full roll cage, extra oil and supercharger cooling systems and additional instrumentation and fuel pumps. Currently on display at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana. 2015 Registration
Jul 10, 2006 1963 63R-1016 Walter M. Baca My dad bought new in Nov 1962, Sacramento CA. 2006 Registration
Feb 9, 2003 1963 63R-1016 Andy Petrass Turquoise/turquoise regal trim. Built as an R2, 4-speed with PS, hill holder, tinted glass, and other options. Shipped to L.A. and the shipper reads "Tag A Granatelli or S H Egbert." Sold to the Public Relations Dept. At Paxton, the car was converted to an R3, powershift setup. The R3 was B27. When I bought R1016 in 1985, B27 had been removed and sold to someone else. I've been gathering parts for its restoration, but right now it's about third in line. I can also vouch for the existance of about 5 more cars including 63 R1005 and 63 R1017. 2003 Registration
Feb 5, 2001 1963 63R-1020 Frank & Diane Checchin R2 built on my birthday 6-26-62. Black 4-speed with PS, PB, 3.73 twin traction rear-end, tinted glass and a hill-holder. Was in storage since 1968 with only 23,000 orig. miles. Complete frame up restoration to original factory build sheet specifications. Could be the earliest R2 in existence. 2001 Registration
Apr 21, 2010 1963 63R-1023 Wayne D. Bennett White interior and light blue exterior. 283 engine with automatic transmission. 2010 Registration
Dec 20, 2015 1963 63R-1025 Ronald L. Crall Prototype R3-automatic, turquois/turquois. I Purchased around 1969. Former owner purchased from Vince Granetelli. Hot Rod Magazine R3 road test car. Originally used by Sherwood Egbert for a few weeks. Sent to Paxton Products for use as R3 prototype. Sold by Studebaker (had California MFG plates) to Vince Granetilli in 1965 and licensed as Studebaker sedan. Engine number RS1021 has extensively reworked heads, dual valve springs, R3 cam and other changes. Engine frame mounts were re-worked to get more clearance for R3 pressure chamber (Factory cars had body shimmed up from frame to get clearance). Per recent conversation with Vince Granetelli, used for acceleration testing. R3 Registry 2015 Certified Registration
Jan 12, 2001 1963 63R-1028 Dick Shurson R1 automatic, white with orange interior, automatic. Body off, ground-on-up restoration 1998-1999, repainted Avanti White, replaced rubber, carpet, rechromed "everything" 1999-2000. 2001 Registration
Mar 8, 2010 1963 63R-1036 John H. Brichetto 1963 white/tangerine, 4-speed, AC. Family owned since 1966 2010 Registration
Oct 31, 2004 1963 63R-1040 Paul A. Duseau R2 automatic, PW, PS, PB. White burgindy seats, black carpets. Very complete. 2004 Registration
Jun 14, 2006 1963 63R-1052 James F. Parisio R1 built on 5/22/62. Under restoration, 4 speed, PW, PB, PS, tinted glass w band, hill holder, twin traction, radio & ant. & rear speaker. Originally white with orange interior. Also was tag salon showing, not sure what that is. Trying to keep it stock. 2006 Registration
Nov 19, 2011 1963 63R-1055 Ed Augustine R-2, Automatic transmission, red exterior, black/elk interior, PW ,PS ,PB. 2011 Registration
Mar 3, 2001 1963 63R-1062 Jerry Hobson R1 automatic, PS, PB, no air. Originally gold/fawn but is now midnight blue pearl/fawn. 2001 Registration
Jan 5, 2003 1963 63R-1063 The Scanlons of St. Paul R2 38,000 miles, PW, PB, PS, Found as a wreck at ex Stude dealer in Illinois and rebuilt for my father who knew its history and worked with Raymond L. at Northwest Air after WWII. Now third generation Stude. 2003 Registration
Nov 24, 2005 1963 63R-1065 Terry Sterkel 5th owner, 136K miles. R2, 4 speed, Avanti red, blackiInterior. when bought, drove 2200 miles from Seattle to north Texas. Basically sound. Needs work in several areas. 2005 Registration
Apr 11, 2013 1963 63R-1079 Dick & Karen Knoll Originally sold in 1962 to a couple in Fullerton, California. Purchased about five years ago and had it moved to Texas. Took almost a year to disassemble and the car is now in the process of being rebuilt. 2013 Registration
Jun 3, 2014 1963 63R-1080 Timothy J. Bramhall R2, auto 3.73 - R3 exhaust and heads. Avanti Red (originally gold). 80th production car - correct SN engine. 2014 Registration
Jun 28, 2014 1963 63R-1088 Lloyd J. Cox Good condition driver, 4-speed, red, Kelsey Hayes wheels, oringinal except paint. 2014 Certified Registration
Nov 22, 2001 1963 63R-1089 Gary Miller R3 4-speed with Hurst shifter, white with red interior and red carpets. AM radio with rear speaker, PS, PB, tinted glass, Twin Traction. Car is in concours condition and VERY fast. 2001 Registration
Jul 4, 2016 1963 63R-1097 Jaime Cardillo None provided. 2016 Registration
Aug 14, 2013 1963 63R-1098 Neil Wildeboor Originally a zone office demo (Devon, PA) then sold to Avenue Motors, Rockville, Maryland. They sold it to a customer, who didn't keep up the maintenance. Then it was sold back to the dealer and sat in the dealer's shop with tired engine and automatic trans. I bought it from the dealer in 1968 for $2200! Pulled the R2 engine and trans, then did a restoration with new OEM parts, including new front upholstery (turquoise) and carpeting, and complete exhaust system. I opted to install a 4-speed transmission, and a newly available Hurst shifter. I also worked out a system to install A/C, using a Frigidaire A6 compressor, by reemitting the surge tank, and reworking the motor mounts for very small clearance. Used a Sears evaporator, and stock panel with louvers. Worked, but went to a larger flex fan for added cooling. In 1977 I sold it to John Paterson of Sandusky, Michigan, a collector whom I believe still owns it. Specs for the car are as follows: R2 engine, T-10 transmission, 3:31 TT axle, power steering, power windows, stock radio and rear speaker with a hidden FM receiver having automatic switch over of my own design. Paint and interior is Avanti Turquoise, with the usual fawn headliner and trim. 2013 Registration
Nov 4, 2013 1963 63R-1105 Bob Kirchner R1, Avanti Red, black interior, 4-speed, tinted glass with sun band, PS, hill holder, twin traction, electric windows, rear speaker, body #275, engine #R-1046, all original, 28,000 original miles, third owner, barn find, has sat for 40+ years. 2013 Certified Registration
Mar 3, 2005 1963 63R-1117
Robert L. Weir R2 automatic trans and power windows. Originally painted gold, repainted black with fawn interior. Custom tires and rims. This car has moved around alot: Kentucky to Indiana, Indiana to Central California, Central California to Florida and finally from Florida back to Southern California. I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R13039 and 63R3404. 2005 Registration
Apr 9, 2004 1963 63R-1119 Wendell Will Original gold paint with fawn interior, automatic, 47,000 mi. Exceptional condition for a "survivor." Love it! 2004 Registration
May 22, 2001 1963 63R-1121 Malcom Gillette R1 automatic, PS, PB, no air. Originally gold/fawn but is now white/fawn. Good body, accident in 77, salvage title. Rebuilders title, a project to make a driver. Rebuilt with 64 front clip. 2001 Registration
Jan 6, 2001 1963 63R-1122 Lew Schucart R2 automatic, 3:73 rear end, turquoise paint & interior, originally a factory show car before sold in Kansas. 2001 Registration
Apr 28, 2015 1963 63R-1138 Michael Fischer R1 gold with fawn interior. Restored to original. 4-speed with AC. 2015 Registration
Apr 25, 2013 1963 63R-1153 John Cook Avanti Red, elk interior with red carpet. Delivered in Arlington, Virginia on 9/20/62. Came to California in 1969. Now in Sacramento, California. R1, Auto, A/C, original condidtion with 76K miles. 2013 Certified Registration
May 27, 2009 1963 63R-1161 Jeffery L. Guyse R1 automatic with AC. Everything is stock. Third owner. 2009 Registration
Aug 9, 2016 1963 63R-1173 Ted M. Andrews R2, 4-speed. Was originally white with orange interior. Now being restored with red with red interior. 2016 Registration
Sep 28, 2016 1962 63R-1179 George Magliveras Manufactured in August 1962. Shipped to Rome in order to be exhibited at the Torino (Turin) Motor Show in November 1962. Special hub inserts were fitted by the Studebaker importer in Rome in order to fit Italian Borrani spoked wheels (same as Ferraris of that era). The car was acquired in 1975 and has been kept under ownership since that time with visits to London, France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece. The original and current color is Avanti Red Irid. and it was restored completely in 2003. The engine block was replaced with a new Studebaker Avanti block due to the notorious problem, cracking on the block's sides due to temperature differences. The new engine was overhauled and race tuned by a specialist mechanic in Perugia, Italy. The car is enlisted in the Automotoclub Storico Italiano, the Italian National Historic Car Preservation Association, and preserved in original condition. 2016 Registration
Feb 17, 2001 1963 63R-1188 Frederic & Bridget Freeman R2 turquoise, rebuilt engine, mostly original, a few upgrades. 2001 Registration
Jun 9, 2014 1963 63R-1211 Dan K. Boone Maroon, fawn interior, 4-speed, manual transmission. 2014 Registration
Oct 23 , 2003 1963 63R-1213 Roy & Shirley Dost Purchased in September 2003. Grabs attention where ever it goes. Body# 63RQ370 R1 automatic, black with red & white interior, 85,000 Miles. PS, PB, no Air. Former owner did major restoration, but no documentation available. Looking forward to some shows next summer. 2003 Registration
Dec 4 , 2004 1963 63R-1223 Adam Sithers R1 white with fawn/black interior, 3-speed, 2nd owner. Certified Registration
Sep 14, 2016 1963 63R-1227 Anthony Warburton R1 fully restored. 2016 Registration
Mar 8, 2010 1963 63R-1228 Regis G. Idec Now white, was orignal gray, with AC, power windows, power steering, power brakes, tinted glass and R1 engine. Certified Registration
Jul 14, 2016 1963 63R-1236 Ian R. MacKellar R2 auto, power windows, Gold with Elk interior originally. 95K. full restoration by Bill Patterson, Ontario. Now Turquoise 5-speed with 20k added.
Mackellar Avanti
2016 Registration
Mar 19, 2009 1963 63R-1245 Kees Richie Built June 1962, shipped to dealer in the Netherlands, displayed at RAI Car Show February 1963 in Amsterdam. First owner bought the Avanti then. We acquired R1245 in 1973 and have had it ever since. Restored in 1992, won shared first prize in its class at International Meet in 1992. Currently in the Netherlands and shown as special car again in RAI Car Show April 2009. 2009 Registration
Jan 6, 2001 1963 63R-1250 Lew Schucart R1 automatic, AC, black with black/fawn interior, the first black car produced with a black interior in 1963. First owner was James R. Myer, who co-wrote the iconic song, "Rock Around the Clock" 2001 Registration
Oct 24, 2004 1963 63R-1262 David Stempler
R1 automatic, Avanti gold, fawn interior, PS, PB, PW, A/C. Mostly origional except for radio, carb, and cooling fan. Purchased in Phoenix and somehow ended up on Long Island.

2004 Registration
Aug 30, 2013 1963 63R-1269 Gary R. Knight 1963 Studebaker Avanti. 2013 Registration
Aug 23, 2016 1963 63R-1278 Jeffrey A. Hardman Champaign (gold) color coupe, automatic transmission. 2016 Registration
Aug 9, 2016 1963 63R-1289 Ted M. Andrews R1, auto. Was white with red interior. Now being restored with gray with black interior. 2016 Registration
Feb 1, 2001 1963 63R-1290 Walter Keegan Jr. R2 white with fawn, elk, and black interior, automatic 3-speed, Posi-rear, AM with rear speaker and antenna, PB, PS. 2001 Registration
Nov 9, 2005 1963 63R-1304 Pat & Bob Lerch Our Avanti is an unrestored car that was repainted the original "Avanti Gold" in 1980. The odometer shows milage in the upper 60k area, which I believe to be correct. The car is an automatic and has Twin Traction, original AM/FM radio, power steering, power brakes that I converted to dual master cylinder. I also changed over to an electric fuel pump and Edelbrock 4 bbl. carb. I removed the original heater and installed a complete Vintage Air heater/AC/defroster system that works great. I also upgraded to a Mazda alternator with an internal regulator. At the same time, I added a couple of "master" fuses for protection. We have also just installed a set of 15x6 Torque Thrust "D" wheels which really look great! The car isn't a show car . . . It is a DRIVER that we enjoy very much! 2005 Registration
Oct 18, 2013 1963 63R-1306 Merwin L. Dodson R2, gold exterior with elk and fawn interior. Has had a repaint in the past. Drives out well. Spent most of the years in Texas then to Oklahoma and now in Nebraska. One of the bucket seats is showing wear and carpets have been replaced. 2013 Certified Registration
Sep 16, 2015 1963 63R-1311 Hans-Joachim Fink R1, automatic, gold, original in good condition. 2015 Registration
Aug 17, 2015 1963 63R-1314 Dave Moxham Gold R2, 4-speed, electric windows, twin trac 3.73. Fawn and Elk interior, power steering. Owned since 1970. 2015 Registration
Aug 5, 2015 1963 63R-1318 Doug Hodak R2 with 81k miles, no rebuild. Avanti Gold with all original Elk interior. 2015 Registration
Dec 12, 2013 1963 63R-1326 Jeff Halpern None provided. 2013 Registration
Dec 31, 2002 1963 63R-1331 Suzan Stoll Don't have much info about this car because it was saved from the parts car pit just in the nick of time. It has no engine, tranny, gauges, and other small parts but it will be put back together eventually. 2002 Registration
Aug 10, 2003 1963 63R-1335   Mih4utoday@aol.com 2003 Registration
Jul 8, 2015 1963 63R-1338 Ted E. Hamilton R2, 4-speed, twin traction frame off restoration. Completed rebuild 2012. Dayton 60 spoke wheels. I have owned since 2006. AM radio, PS and PB. 2015 Registration
Aug 31, 2004 1963 63R-1342 Jeff C. Bittenbender Avanti red with black and off-white interior. Automatic with AC, runs great with a little over 70,000 miles. 2004 Registration
Jun 17, 2004 1963 63R-1343 Harry van Wees R2 4-speed, Australia. 2004 Registration
Feb 27, 2016 1963 63R-1344 Bruce Ellwood The car is in reasonable condition for its age with two previous owners. The car now resides in New Zealand. 2016 Registration
Feb 28, 2014 1963 63R-1348 John Brissette R1, automatic, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, power windows, AM/FM. I purchased this, no rust car in 1972. Since then, many modifications. 2014 Registration
Feb 28, 2013 1963 63R-1351 Richard Sevick R1, turquoise with Regal fawn and turquiose interior. Power Shift transmission, Twin-Traction differential, PB and PS, AM/FM radio. WW radial tires. 72,400 original miles. Never saw snow or rust. Needs nothing. I'm the third owner of this beauty. 2013 Certified Registration
Aug 14, 2009 1963 63R-1355 Keith Jay Wahl R1, air conditioning, roll up windows, wire wheels, 55+k miles. Originally teal with fawn and now claret (Ferrari color). 2009 Registration
Apr 10, 2005 1963 63R-1359 Bill Lightner Bought the car in Colorado Springs as the second owner in 1968. R-2, automatic, Avanti maroon with fawn interior. Primary car for years, still runs great. Needs some TLC but has new brakes, motor mounts, and I spend money on it when I'm able. 2005 Registration
Jan 1, 2008 1963 63R-1359 Gordon Smith R2 previously owned by Bill Lightner. I purchased this car in 6-07 with plans for some more restoration. Currently it is set up to be painted before spring. Certified Registration
Jul 1, 2016 1963 63R-1368 Glen MacLaughlin R1, auto PS no AC. 2016 registration
May 14, 2006 1963 63R-1376 Peter G. Godek R2 Built 10/01/62. 4-speed bandaid enterior, manual steering, 373 gear. Sold in NC, purchased in 1987, everyday driver until 92. Rebuilt car in 97/aluminum heads, R3, 304.5 updated suspension, 331/s erb huffer, fac AM/FM. 2006 Registration
Feb 8, 2009 1963 63R-1379 Ed J. Capozzi Avanti turqoise, auto, PS, R1 converted to R2. Owned since 1990, shows well, runs well. 2009 Registration
Jul 3, 2002 1963 63R-1380 Frank Donnelly Vehicle is in mint condition with under 52,000 miles. Columbus, Ohio. 2002 Registration
Aug 15, 2010 1963 63R-1384 Kerry L. Whitson R1, originally red w/red interior, is now black w/black interior, auto, a/c. Was purchased in april 2009 with a 350 corvette engine, 350 turbohydramatic trans and corvette rear end. Currently replacing the interior after completing rust removal and protection of the under body and gas tank, detailing the engine compartment, and other repairs. 2010 Registration
Nov 22, 2009 1963 63R-1388 Kevin L. Pharis R1 white exterior with black seats and salt and pepper carpet. Repainted in 1972 and parked in 1973 with 92,000 miles. Equipped with PW, PB, PS, AC, Automatic transmission. Overall condition of the Avanti is unrestored and very well preserved. The car is currently in dry storage with 110,000 original miles and needs an engine overhaul. 2009 Registration
Aug 15, 2013 1963 63R-Q1401 Joseph Grunebach This white/red 1963 R2 Avanti is an original family car. It was factory-ordered and purchased new by my wife's father in Pittsburgh, PA. With it's rebuilt original drivetrain, it now enjoys life in southern California. 2013 Registration
Dec 29, 2005 1963 63R-1404 Stephen A. Wohleber Gold with fawn interior/dark brown carpets. AT/PS/PB/dual traction. 35,000 orig. miles. Sold in Toronto, Ontario Feb. 1964. 4th owner, has spent a lot of time sitting, but never abused. Purchased October 2005. Never restored but resprayed original colour 20+ yrs. ago. Look forward to cleaning up and DRIVING my dream. 2005 Registration
Dec 27, 2013 1963 63R-1406 Neil Grant R2 with powershift. Gold in color, painted in 2011 and once before. Purchased new in Ottawa, Ontario by first owner. Car is rumoured to be the Ottawa show car. Well documented by first owner up until 1972 when he sold it with 65k miles. Not driven more than 500 miles after until I started to drive it in 2012. A ton of fun to drive and a real dream that came true for me! 2013 Registration
Nov 6, 2015 1963 63R-1413 Stanley Augustyn None provided. 2015 Registration
Feb 9, 2012 1963 63R-1416 David Barrett Car needs work, but has original R-1 289 (serial 63R1238) and the frame/hogtroughs are solid. Beginning restoration this summer. 2012 Registration
Dec 8, 2007 1963 63R-1455 Stuart R. Tritt 300K miles restored to original condition. R-1 with Automatic. Avanti white with red interior. 2007 Registration
Jun 13, 2011 1963 63R-1464 Eleanor T. Gernert R1, 4-speed transmission, no A/C, red. Purchased new from Simonson & Schactmayer in Santa Monica, California. 2011 Registration
Aug 9, 2010 1963 63R-1465 Bill Mayhew R2, 4-speed, 4.09 twin traction diff. Avanti red with fawn/black interior. Built Oct. 15, 1962. This car was factory exported to Trieste, Italy and has a factory metric speedo and euro spec. lighting; also spent time in Switzerland before coming back to the US in 2007. Has estimated 120,000 Km (75K miles). Paint and frame in good condition, runs well, and very close to stock with period correct mag rims. 2010 Registration
Sep 8, 2006 1963 63R-1475 Frederick A. Fox Original R2. A/T and T/T. Under 21,000 miles as of this writing. No resonators from factory. The power is the story, as we all know! 2006 Registration
Oct 14, 2008 1963 63R-1478 Bob Ziff R2, 4-speed, purchased from Alice Cooper in August, 1986. Black with red interior. 2008 Registration
Aug 10, 2013 1963 63R-1483 Martin Kleiber White R1 with black interior, automatic transmission, power windows, steering and brakes. (Project car at present) 2013 Registration
Dec 14, 2006 1963 63R-1491 Kenneth W. Robinson Obtained as a parts car with another Avanti I purchased. It had been involved in a fire and the only thing salvagable were the chassis and drive train parts. 2006 Registration
Mar 20, 2005 1963 63R-1493 Dave Balek R1 3-speed floor shift w/overdrive. Manual steering 16 to 1 ratio, A/C, tinted windshield w/sun band. Tinted side glass, radio. Elk interior. Was factory gold but had been repainted red. Now stripped and awaiting new Avanti gold paint. Dealer added od and fender mirrors. Had a complete engine and transmission overhaul about 285 miles ago. Previous owner had car for 28 years before I purchased it. Ordered and delivered to Denham Springs, Louisiana on Oct. 18th 1962. Runs and drives great.
Balek Avanti
2005 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1963 63R-1498 Ron Maracle R1 the 498th Avanti. Built in October 1962 and has been restored to original condition. 2001 Registration
Aug 17, 2003 1963 63R-1499 Peter Bacich R2 automatic, Australia. 2003 Registration
Feb 22, 2001 1963 63R-1522 Wayne Graefen R1 automatic, AC, PS, PB, PW, Solex windshield, front and rear factory belts. Avanti white with orange interior. 2001 Registration
Feb 19, 2016 1963 63R-1543 Ronald Anderson Avanti White exterior, chrome wire wheels, Fawn/Elk interior. Original R1 289 engine but with Edelbrock 4 bbl carb, automatic transmission, working original A/C. 2016 Registration
Dec 23, 2005 1963 63R-1548 Warren E. Gagner, Jr. Needs considerable work. Totally origional, matching numbers. Auto, A/C, PS, PB ,AM, fair origional fawn interior, bad brown exterior paint, 107k miles. Third owner. Purchased summer 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee. Housed in middle Tennessee. Refurbishment just started. Looking forward to completion as personal driver. 2005 Registration
Sep 9, 2002 1963 63R-1553 Roger M. Lovering Appears to be sporting an R3 motor and has an automatic transmission. Just puchased today. Still a lot to learn about the car. It is in rough condition but thats only temporary. Looking forward to the re-build. 2002 Registration
Apr 15, 2016 1963 63R-1555 Louis and Sheila Vutianitis 1963 Studebaker Avanti 240 H.P. V8 289 4 Barrel. VIN 63R1555. Automatic, white with red interior, A/C. 2016 Registration
May 2, 2007 1963 63R-1558 Jose S. Orozco Bolanos Originally it was maroon. 289 (I believe it is R1) it has front disk brakes, with standard A/C. 2007 Registration
Aug 12, 2014 1963 63R-1561 Jon E. Andersen White R2 with 4-speed. 2014 Registration
Mar 18, 2013 1963 63R-1569 George J. Salzmann R2 Avanti White with fawn/turquoise interior and salt and pepper carpet, automatic, PS, PB, AM radio with rear speaker and antenna. Body # 63RQ754, engine # RS1289. 2013 Certified Registration
Dec 22, 2003 1963 63R-1572 George J. Salzmann R2 Avanti gold with fawn interior and brown carpet, automatic, PS, PB, AM radio with rear speaker and antenna. Body #63RQ723, engine #RS-1292. (Sold in 2005 and shipped to Netherlands) 2003 Registration
Nov 30, 2013 1963 63R-1582 Bruce Young Gold with black interior. 2013 Registration
Aug 6, 2015 1963 63R-1592 Kevin R. Howard White exterior, tan inside. Original on-restored condition, complete car. 2014 Registration
Jan 12, 2012 1963 63R-1593 Mike Motley R1 restored in 1986 and stored in garage since. Bought from a neighbor that restored it in 1987. Red with a tan interior, automatic transmission and looks and runs as good as when I bought it. I may have driven 3000 miles during the 25 years I have owned it and it has 99k miles now. 2012 Certified Registration
Dec 25, 2009 1963 63R-1606 Paul E. Miller R2 5-speed. Originally turquoise, now white with fawn interior. Found in pieces in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2002; no fiberglass or rust damage to speak of. Restoration approaching completion in December '09. 2009 Registration
Feb 1, 2016 1963 63R-1618 William H. Tate White with black interior, R2 with powershift trans 373 TT rearend. 2016 Registration
Feb 7, 2003 1963 63R-1627 Michael Hopper Purchased in Vancouver, Canada Feb 1, 2003. Was going to ship it back but it ran so great, I drove it to my home in Marietta, Georgia some 3,200 miles. It's a red R1 automatic in nice condition. What a head turner. Can't park anywhere without someone asking about the car. I've owned a few Studes in my life but this is my first Avanti. A life long dream since I worked as a gofer at a Studebaker dealer just out of high school in '65. Love my Avanti! 2003 Registration
Mar 26, 2008 1963 63R-1645 Michael Gay Purchased in Miami in 1977. Awaiting time and money for restoration. 2008 Registration
Jan 5, 2005 1963 63R-1651 Les A. Nylen R1 4-speed, white with red interior. Purchased originally in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, by the first owner. We bought the car in June 2004 and gave it a new home in Quesnel B.C. Could be the most northern Avanti in the world. 2005 Registration
Aug 9, 2004 1963 63R-1652 John R. Fee Gold with fawn interior, R1 with A/C. My father purchased the car in New Jersey with 66,000 miles on it in 1966 for $1800. On the way home from a skiing trip in 1968 with my friend Steve Gordon (who later founded Restoration Hardware), we blew through a radar trap full-throttle (140+). I was still in high school and lost my license for 2 years. Drove it from Lake Placid, NY to Seattle in 1988 without incident. It has 144,000 mi. on it now, awaiting a restoration. Drove it daily until 1994. 2004 Registration
Sep 25, 2015 1963 63R-1653 Peter C. Sant R2 with air conditioning (not factory air). 2015 Registration
Apr 5, 2010 1963 63R-1656 Bruce A. McCampbell R-1, gold with fawn interior. 4-speed, 83,000 miles. Everything is still stock. 2010 Registration
May 4, 2015 1963 63R-1659 Donald W. Saunders This Avanti has been stored for 44 years. The engine and transmission were removed. I have recently started working on it again. I have the original R1 engine as well as an R2 that I bought many years ago. It is in need of some body work and a repaint. The hog troughs are solid and the car is still fairly complete. 2015 Registration
Apr 9, 2013 1963 63R-1680 James V. Murray All original white exterior with beige interior. Been in storage a long time and will get a complete restoration. Automatic with 64,000 original miles. 2013 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1963 63R-1687 Douglas Crall R3 engine serial no. B110, Black with black interior and square headlights, 4-speed with Hurst shifter R/A 3.31 tapered axles w/TT. Avanti II dash and door panels, w locking steering column. Back half of car found tied to a shipping pallet in junk yard outside of Reno, Nevada. 2001 Registration
Jul 19, 2002 1963 63R-1691 Don Hal Haney R1 gold/tan, automatic, PS, PB, factory air. Originally "Avanti Gold" but was repainted a similar color before I purchased it... needs repainting now. Recaro buckets in front but still have original low-back seats. Custom wheels and tires (still have original wheels and wheelcovers). Fifth owner, purchased in Redondo Beach, Califoria in 1985. Originally sold in Indio, California. Car was in the Southern California area until 1985. Driven to Dallas, Texas where I lived until late 1993, then trailered to the Seattle, Washington area where presently located. Stored in warehouse when not being driven. 2002 Registration
Apr 20 , 2002 1963 63R-1700 Lomayumtewa C. Ishii, Ph.D. R1 gold with elk interior, A/C, original working AM radio, 386,000 miles on original engine, daily driver, all original, looking for mechanical restoration. Bought new in December 1962 in Oxnard, California at Armstrong Motors by my father. I learned to drive in this car and it has become a treasured automobile. Currently, it lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. 2002 Registration
Feb 10, 2005 1963 63R-1705 Eric T. A. Leacock R2 4-speed, white exterior with orange interior with black carpet. 60k miles. My pop was the original owner and he gave it to me. I love this car and so does my father. He bought this off the showroom floor in Valley Styream Long Island, New York in 1963. He loved to race at the local track and held some track records. Idrove this car to school in the late 80's and it got all the attention. The supercharger does it all the time. It has been featured in a few magazines, all local. We have all the original paperwork, window stickers, and manuals. It is unrestored, in beautiful shape. gotta love em. 2005 Registration
Oct 10 , 2001 1963 63R-1707 Jim Inglis R1 white with red interior, original 4-speed, AC, PB. Nice, original, unrestored car. 2001 Registration
Dec 30, 2012 1963 63R-1713 Mark Freeborn R2, the car was originally turquoise on turquoise. It was resprayed black, and the interior dyed fawn. Drivetrain is solid, body has suffered many parking lot assaults. 2012 Certified Registration
Sep 21, 2015 1963 63R-1724 Pat Counts R2 white, automatic. 2015 Registration
Mar 11, 2015 1963 63R-1727 Robert M. Pineiro Black R2 with red interior, 4-speed and twin traction. My car originally came from California. The picture of the black Avanti on the registry page is my car taken at Bonhams Auction House and it still looks as good as it did then. 2015 Registration
Oct 12, 2013 1963 63R-1755 David DeBoer Red on red R2 4-Speed. Fast ratio manual steering and manual windows. ORIGINAL OWNER! Ordered off build sheet in August 1962. Built 5 December (delayed due to dispute between Studebaker and Molded Fiberglass). Delivered at factory 8 December 1962. Total restore 1985-86, 99% original. Exception: Radial tires and Hurst shifter. Car maintained and driven regularly. 2013 Registration
Feb 16, 2001 1963 63R-1775 William J. Sovitski R1, automatic, A/C, PB, PW. Black/fawn interior, exterior painted non Studebaker brown with copper metal flake. Have had since 1979. 2001 Registration
Jan 7, 2001 1963 63R-1780 Jim Turner R2 white with fawn/black interior, originally black with a 3-speed, 2nd owner installed 4-speed. 2001 Registration
Mar 29, 2002 1963 63R-1795 Rich Larson/Jane Burbank R1 black with tan interior. 289 ci, automatic, 3.34 rearend. Purchased November, 2001, minor updating and restoration-will be a daily driver-74k miles. 2002 Registration
Oct 12, 2003 1963 63R-1810 Robert L. Weir Purchased 10-11-05 from Huntsville Alabama. R-2 with automatic, needs complete restoration. I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R13039 and 63R3404. 2005 Registration
Jan 1, 2015 1963 63R-1822 Carol McCutcheon This gold and elk R2 sat in storage for 38 years. Purchased in 2012, it has 47K original miles. The Avanti is in factory condition, looks and runs great! A true survivor. 2015 Registration
Oct 10, 2013 1963 63R-1855 Bill R. Nelson, Sr. R2 ( in a barn 28 years) new dash, headliner, carpet, Avanti II front seats, seats covered in leather, new rad., new T5 trans, 3.73 rear, 60,000 original miles, runs strong. 2013 Registration
Jan 7, 2006 1963 63R-1859 Craig V. Libuse R1, originally white w/ turquoise interior, Auto, PW, A/C, AM radio. Car was purchased new at Townsend Studebaker in Riverside, California in April, 1963 by my father, Frank Libuse. The car was parked in the 1980's with about 135,000 miles on it after the brakes went out and has not been started since. It sat outside from the early 1980's to 2003 and is in need of total restoration. It has been garaged since 2003. It is complete except for headlight covers and badges, which were removed when the car was painted black in about 1967, but everything is in pretty sad shape. I hope someday to restore it as it was when I got to drive it to the high school prom at age 16. (Why the heck dad let me do that I'll never understand, but I was in heaven.) 2006 Registration
Mar 28, 2003 1963 63R-1861 Ron Flint Very nice "survivor" R1 unrestored. Regularly maintained with emphasis on keeping it original. Beautiful turquoise exterior with turquoise and fawn interior/turquoise carpet. Automatic, PS, PB, AC. My Dad purchased in 1972 in Central California. Featured in Motive Magazine in the Fall of 2003. 2003 Registration
Jul 7, 2006 1963 63R-1877 Peter Crisitello This Black w/TQV (turquoise vinyl) interrior Avanti has been in my posession since 1986. I am the 7th NJ owner of this unique vehicle. Commonly referred to as The Black Hole, it has traveled more than 378K since her final assembly date back on 11/21/1963. She has an AM/FM Radio (Studebaker), Automatic (Power Shift), and drum (not disc) brakes all around.
Crisitello Avanti
2006 Registration
Apr 26, 2005 1963 63R-1880 Keith B. McGinniss Just bought the item for a Daily Driver, 03/05. (See R3629 which I show) This is a 22 year old restoration which has had many mods. This R-1 w/4sp has been detuned to run 91 octane gas. No PS and No AC. The body has been raised in the front and has the '64 front clip. Cloth interior with high-back added to the original seats. Arizona & New Mexico Car. 2005 Registration
Oct 26, 2009 1963 63R-1889 Lance L. Wolf R2, mostly original. Bought in 1969. I am told that original owner was killed in this car. Supposedly the car went airborne, flipped, and driver was beheaded. Anybody able to confirm or add to this info? Car presently runs great, but needs a paint job. Certified Registration
Jul 20, 2014 1963 63R-1890 Ronald Strasser R1 with AC and power windows. It seems like it was yesterday that I purchased the Avant and it was 40 years ago! At that time it had about 90,000 miles; it now has 161,000 miles. Other then needing paint it is a fine driving car. 2014 Registration
Jul 22, 2012 1963 63R-1899 Jim Murray Restored Avanti: color silver with black interior. 4-speed with air conditioning, power windows. 2012 Registration
Oct 6, 2007 1963 63R-1903 Jerry V. Fjelsted I bought this car from the original owner, It has 46,000 original miles, white with orange upholstery. In excellent condition. 2007 Registration
Apr 5, 2013 1963 63R-1908 Greg L. Watkins Avanti white, orange/red interior. Final assembly date: November 23, 1962. 80% restored at this time. Rebuilt frame up. 2013 Registration
Oct 17, 2013 1963 63R-1942 Edward T. Savitsky Originally purchased from Lamplight Motors in NY, my uncle Dave purchased her from the first owner in 66. When he expired in 84, my dad inherited the car from his brother. After I got her running in 86, my dad sold the car to Vito Calovito (NJ). I moved from NJ to Virginia Beach in 92, but always visited my Uncle's Avanti while begging Vito to sell it back to me to no avail. After leaving Englishtown raceway park while I was in NJ in 2009, I was detoured past Vito's house where I saw a for sale sign in the window. After speaking with his daughter, she advised me of his passing, and that she couldn't find my number. The rest is history. She's in the process of re-assembly after a frame off resto that started last Nov. She's approx 75-85% finished.
Savitsky Avanti Savitsky Avanti
Savitsky Avanti Savitsky Avanti Savitsky Avanti
2013 Registration
Jun 14, 2015 1963 63R-1947 John Riley R2 gold with fawn & cream interior, automatic, PS, PB, supercharged. 2015 Registration
Apr 18, 2016 1963 63R-1992 Charles G. Monnett Avanti Gold, R2, powershift, PS, 19k miles since new, all original, unrestored. 2016 Registration
Jan 21, 2002 1963 63R-1997 David & Kim Krahn R1 Flame red. Bought in october 1963. Blueprinted 350 cid Chevy engine. Previously had a 427 Chevy engine and was raced on ice, the drag strip, and Grand Prix. Receipts, window sticker, and shop manual. "We love our Avanti." 2002 Registration
Nov 10, 2001 1963 63R-2004 Ron York R1 automatic, PS, PB, white with red interior. Original, unrestored exterior, interior redone a few years ago. I am 2nd owner. Always a California car. Delivered in LA to Frost and French. 2001 Registration
Apr 14, 2014 1963 63R-2012 Gerard Chapuis Body number 63-RQ-1112, R1 type, transmission 4-speed, twin traction, special order axle ratio 3:31. Power steering, hill holder, air conditionning, radio, front seat belts. Body color gold; interior elk. Only 2 owners in California for 39 years then imported to France where I live. 2014 Registration
Oct 4, 2005 1963 63R-2014 Marshall & Judy Watson PS, PB, PW, red&white interior factory air. Purchased september 15, 2005 and shipped to GA. 85,000 miles, needs total restoration. 2005 Registration
Nov 11, 2003 1963 63R-2044 David E. Sinclair R1 with air and power windows, Avanti Red with red and elk interior. Forty-one years after seeing the first Avanti off the truck at my buddy's family's Studebaker dealership, I've got my own. That first one was at Ben A. Begier Co. in San Leandro, CA. 2003 Registration
Feb 9, 2016 1963 63R-2053 Chester Smith Frame off restoration. Red. Finished in 2015. Great car. 2016 Certified Registration
Nov 9, 2013 1963 63R-2055 Tom S. Gibbs Purchased from the original owner's family with 38000 miles after having been stored with the engine out for many years. Engine is back in hoping to run it in the next few days. 2013 Registration
Aug 24, 2014 1963 63R-2060 John I. Thomas Red R1 with red interior, body RQ-1223. Purchased new on Jan 31, 1963 at Hummel Brothers Studebaker in Des Moines, Iowa. The car has power windows, power steering, 3-speed automatic and AC. I am the 4th unique owner, as the first owner, a Van Heeter, bought it back from the second owner in the 80s. I bought the car in July 2014 from a friend in Oregon, Tom Garrett, who had had the car stored for almost 20 years. The car runs well but still needs some work. 2014 Certified Registration
Sep 21, 2015 1963 63R-2072 Edward Schmidt Original owner, un-restored R1 automatic, running, PS, A/C(functional), twin-traction, 3.31 Dana, turquoise. About 86K miles and it shows, but everything works! Purchased from Pleasantville, NY dealer in March 1963. 2015 Registration
Sep 21, 2008 1963 63R-2075 Jim Francis R2, 4-speed, with 455 rear end. Ordered 11/16/62, final assembly date 12/5/62. Color is Avanti gold with fawn interior. Car is in nice shape, registered in Virginia, and driven regularly. 2008 Registration
Oct 30, 2007 1963 63R-2091 Keith Martin Purchased 10/07. White/ blue interior. Car has been sitting outside on concrete since 1989. AC, AM Radio. 2007 Registration
Mar 12, 2009 1963 63R-2091 Tracey W. Robinson Purchased 3/09 from Keith Martin. White/blue interior needs restoration. Starting complete restoration later this year. 2009 Registration
Dec 18, 2009 1963 63R-2093 Ralph G. Capurro R1 white with automatic transmission. Car has not been operational for 5 years but will be made operational with rebuild of power steering unit spring 2010. 2009 Registration
Sep 26, 2002 1963 63R-2096 Thomas Marchitelli R2 automatic, 3:31 rear. Gold With Fawn interior. Undergoing total restoration. Purchased 5/02 2002 Registration
Jan 12, 2010 1963 63R-2114 Greg A. Prince 1963 R1, unrestored except for one repaint and replaced carpet with exact match. Car is Avanti Red with red and fawn interior and red salt and pepper carpeting, power shift trans with positraction, AC, dual side mirrors, power windows. Car has all original glass, including head light covers (excellent condition), interior near mint with beige instrument panel, original wipers, chrome is unrestored (very good condition). Frame and hog troughs are perfect, no rust at all. All numbers matching. Car has the delta wing controls and front scoop "grill." Body is flawless, 73,000 miles. All mechanical throughout the car has been rebuilt to factory specs with original cores used. Sounds great, runs great. We love this car! 2010 Registration
Jul 22, 2005 1963 63R-2116
Robert L. Weir R1 without a/c nor p/s. Gold with fawn/black interior. Purchased in New York on 7-21-05 and transported to San Diego, Ca. area. Originally from Atlanta area. I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R3039 and 63R3404. 2005 Registration
Oct 19, 2007 1963 63R-2121 George M. Pratt Purchased new by my grandfather in Oregon. My father transported it to california in 1984. I received it in 2002. It has an R1 engine and is complete but has not been running for some time. With the help of my son and daughter it is time for this car to rise again! 2007 Registration
Feb 4, 2005 1963 63R-2143 Chet L. Kerr Very nice, mostly original R2 Avanti. 2005 Registration
Nov 21, 2007 1963 63R-2164 Edward L. Brown Regal Red, tan & black guts. 89,000 miles, just finished complete professional engine and power steering rebuild. Have documented history back to its purchase used in Oct. of 1965. 2007 Registration
Aug 3, 2015 1963 63R-2166 Ronald Holtane Red, 4-speed. 2015 Registration
Feb 27, 2014 1963 63R-2169 Thomas Padilla Undergoing restoration. 2014 Registration
Aug 22, 2016 1963 63R-2191 Chuck Thomson Bronze exterior, saddle interior, PB, PW, custom wheels, freshly painted, nice driver. 2016 Registration
Sep 21, 2005 1963 63R-2208 Sean & Lauren B Turquoise blue exterior/turquoise & fawn interior. R1 engine, power windows, automatic transmission. Purchased in May. In the process of restoring. Interior not bad. Just got it registered & took it out for a drive. We LOVE this car... 2005 Registration
Mar 8, 2016 1963 63R-2220 Brian A. Darby 99% original family owned since 1980s. Engine never rebuilt, weekend driver and passing on to 3rd generation. 2016 Registration
Mar 9, 2001 1963 63R-2242 Mitch & Renee Jacobs R1 4-speed, red with fawn interior, AC, PB, tinted glass. Arizona car purchsed March 4, 2001. 2001 Registration
Apr 14, 2016 1963 63R-2255 Juan L. Perez 1963 R1. Turquoise exterior. Black and tan interior. Acquired from a friend last summer after sitting in a lot for 7 years. Just got her started this weekend! Getting radiator re-cored, hope to have her on the road by next week, if all goes well. Great experience bringing her back to life with my dad. 2016 Registration
Sep 10, 2013 1963 63R-2272 Nathan Dillinger R2, automatic, 3.73 gears. Red but original gold, fawn interior. Optioned with window tint and rear speakers. 2013 Registration
Mar 11, 2013 1963 63R-2274 Ed Jones Original barn find. Gold with fawn interior, 3-speed transmission. 2013 Registration
Jan 5, 2001 1963 63R-2281 Mike Nicolella R2 4-speed, white/elk 2001 Registration
Jan 9, 2007 1963 63R-2290 Chuck E. Douglas This Avanti was built as an R1 car in December '62 and was upgraded to R2 several years ago when the ground-up restoration was done. The engine was completely rebuilt to R2 specifications with an R3 air box. It has power steering, power brakes, tinted windows and an AM radio. This show-condition car is Avanti red with fawn interior.
Douglas Avanti
Certified Registration
May 3, 2006 1963 63R-2295 C. Sydorykn 2006 Registration 2006 Registration
Feb 25, 2003 1963 63R-2296 Mark van Deventer Currently being restored in Chicago, she is a turquoise R1 with black interior. Progress can be seen at: RQ2296 Restoration 2003 Registration
Dec 20, 2015 1963 63R-2302 Michael M. Gibson This Avanti was built in December of 1962 as an R2, automatic, Avanti red, with fawn and elk interior. It was sold new in mid-Ohio and spent most of its life in the Columbus area. The previous owners started an extensive restoration which, unfortunately, they were not able to complete. The car is now in the St Louis area, where we hope to have it complete for the 2017 convention in South Bend. 2015 Registration
Sept 6, 2013 1963 63R-2318 John Pawoll R2 gold/fawn. Originally purchased on 12/17/1962 from L.D. Dittmer Motors Studebaker in Elkader, IA. Eventually owned by same family for over 30 years. Restored in mid 80s. Supercharged. Automatic. tint. PS, PW, radio, belts, mirror, twin traction, washers, matching numbers. Excellent original condition. Now a "garage queen" in SoCal. 2013 Registration
Nov 30, 2004 1963 63R-2323 Johnny J. Adams R1 black with fawn/black interior, 3-speed. Was restored in 2000. Certified Registration
Aug 29, 2013 1963 63R-2329 Ron Westhorpe Car inherited by grandfather who was original owner and avid Studebaker Avanti fan. Resto-mod (10 years ago) R2 with original Paxton supercharger and with matching numbers. Originally gold with fawn. Now painted dark green (94 Corvette). Hurst shifter, glasspacks, and updated billet wheels added through the years. I love this car as much as my grandfather did as working on it was our thing together.
Westhorpe Avanti
2013 Certified Regidtration
May 5, 2015 1963 63R-2333 Ed Price Turquoise R2, automatic trans, power steering, power brakes, front disc, TT, 127k miles - complete restoration including paint, interior and 1000+ parts. 2015 Registration
Oct 26, 2007 1963 63R-2355 William J. Bridge This car was bought in Pontiac,Il from S.P.Bradley motors.My father ordered it new. It presently has 44,250 miles on it and is garage kept. It is an R-2 with an automatic and power steering, Turquoise exterior with Turquoise and fawn interior. This car is all original and still has the original spare tire in the trunk unused. Always garage kept! Nice original! I have all documents. Order form, build sheet, warranty papers, bill of sale, payment book,etc., owners manual and papers still in pouch and much more. 2007 Registration
Feb 23, 2008 1963 63R-2373 Gregory G. Gardner R2 automatic, Avanti red. Factory tinted glass, power steering, twin traction, AM radio with rear speaker. Previous owner had square headlights and an R3 carb box installed. Engine now bored .030 over, N.O.S. older style heads with R3 valves and 1.75 ratio roller rockers. Dual master cylinder installed, larger front disk brakes and now using silicone brake fluid. 2008 Registration
Jan 8, 2001 1963 63R-2373 Donald L. Jones R2 automatic, winesap with tan leather interior, Star wire rims. 2001 Registration
Oct 12, 2003 1963 63R-2377 Christien Savard R1 Was my fathers back in the late 60's early 70's then sold to my uncle (his brother), then to my aunt (thier sister) then to me Aug 2003. I can remember riding in the Avanti when I was little. Avanti Red, fawn interior with black carpets. All original, but has been repainted once. Needs a lot of work, such as exhaust, brakes and a basic tune up. It is what my father and I call a "ten foot car". 2003 Registration
Mar 16, 2004 1963 63R-2382 Nicholas O. Hanson R1 automatic, A/C. Gold exterior with black/fawn interior. The car had started to be parted out, but I decided to restore it. It is the middle of restoration and so far has had the interior gutted, front end completely replaced (fiberglass and mechanical parts), and brakes redone. The engine is up next, followed by the interior then paint. 2004 Registration
Aug 3, 2004 1963 63R-2383 Alain Bauwens R3 color white, trim red. Bought in 1989 from original owner in N.Y. Sent to Belgium. Engine and gearbox restored. Good condition. 2004 Registration
Feb 19, 2001 1963 63R-2386 John Graham R1 white with orange interior, all original #3 condition-daily driver. One owner from 1963-2000 (Florida car). 2001 Registration
Jan 10, 2002 1963 63R-2396 Mark & Julia Maccan R1 automatic and AC. Dark gray metallic with black/fawn restored interior. Owned for six years. Will be stripping and repainting original Avanti gold. 2002 Registration
Jan 31, 2012 1963 63R-2399 Thomas J. Luz R1, 3:31 rear end, A/C, powershift transmission. Originally gold with fawn and elk interior, now black with T-5 manual. 2012 Registration
Apr 18, 2011 1963 63R-2403 Charles G. Monnett R2, powershift. 2016 Registration
Dec 23, 2013 1963 63R-2409 Trygve Seljeflot The Avanti is in Norway. 2013 Registration
Mar 19, 2016 1963 63R-2420 Jim H. Bruce Supercharged Avanti, red with a tan or camel interior, automatic transmission. As far as I can tell it spent it's entire life in Louisiana. Originally sold in Denham Springs, La on Jan. 3, 1963. 2016 Certified Registration
Jan 30, 2003 1963 63R-2462 John & Linda Rahner R2 4 speed with T/T. Orig. color Gold now white. Final production date Jan.7th 1963. First sold in Reno as per order on Dec 17. Records indicate car spent its life in So.Cal until Nov.97. Many time show winner. All stock and original. 2003 Registration
Jan 7, 2001 1963 63R-2470 Dennis Deeds R2 white with orange/fawn interior, 4-speed 2001 Registration
Mar 25, 2006 1963 63R-2474 Steven R. Henson R2 purchased in February 2006 from third owner. Gold on Fawn, 4-speed Hurst Shifter. Southern California and Arizona all of its life. Now in North Idaho. Original title and service records back to 1963. 2006 Registration
Aug 23, 2009 1963 63R-2479 John Dannewitz R1. Light gold with perfect fawn leather interior. Purchased from private party in Buena Vista CO in 1971. Sold in Aurora, CO to private party from Wyoming in April 1974. Excellent condition. Beautiful Kelsey Hayes one off wheels were my only added item. New owner received hubcaps. Needed money for education expenses, my loss their gain. Always overheated in mountains. 2009 Registration
May 1, 2016 1963 63R-2483 Ronald Strasser Purchased in September 2015 from the estate of a Mr Domick in Conn. Car originally from Victory Motors in Savannah Ga. Has what appears to be 69000 original miles. Was originally a gold 4-speed R2. Prior to my purchase the supercharger was removed and a factory AC was installed along with the correct heads for a R1. 2016 Registration
Apr 16, 2016 1963 63R-2499 Chuck Donley This Avanti was a total wreck in 1971, the last year it was licensed in California. The car was stored in a barn near Yuba City Ca. and used as a parts car. I am now restoring/converting it into an endurance road race car and will be racing it starting in Aug 2016. Wish us luck! 2016 Registration
Jan 12, 2001 1963 63R-2518 Ed & Wenda Wenger R1 gold with fawn interior, 19,000 mi., always garaged, stock original car, 2nd owner, bought 9-99. 2001 Registration
Aug 7, 2014 1963 63R-2524 Robert K. Bryant Red with black/fawn interior, 4-speed, tinted windows, AM radio, four seat belts, 2nd owner. 2014 Registration
Apr 12, 2009 1963 63R-2528 Erik W. Helgesen R2, automatic, 93,800 miles, in mid-restore. Red with Fawn interior. 2009 Registration
Jul 17, 2002 1963 63R-2538 John M. Cardwell R2 Original owner, still in original colors. Avanti Gray, Claret and fawn pleated interor, AM radio, automatic, 3.73 differential, seat belts. Purchased from Russell Motor Company in lynchburg, Virginia on Dec. 29, 1963. 2002 Registration
Aug 20, 2007 1963 63R-2540 Ward J. Moore Oahu Sergents car (one owner) until 2000 when my dad (Gary Moore) purchased it calling it the"Grey Shark." He passed away and I shipped it to San Francisco. From all indications it is stock minus the paint (now grey, factory gold). Future plan is a complete restoration to factory specs (and yes the hog troughs are in great shape!) 2007 Registration
Aug 23, 2010 1963 63R-2564 Gilbert Zimmerman Car built as a "Rush Sold" order. It's an original R2, exterior Avanti White with Regal Orange interior. Original invoice lists supercharger, automatic, tinted glass with sun band, power steering, HD springs front and rear, electric windows, Twin Traction, Firestone 500 WW tires, electric washer, radio, rear speaker, front and rear belts, silent mufflers. It was shipped to Gorman Auto Sales in Oak Park, IL. Based on old dash plaque, original owner appears to have been "Harry E. Ruther, Inc.". Until my purchase a few weeks ago, car was owned and well maintained for 45 years by Andy Popadiuk. It has usual retrofits such as rain gutters and bright metal grille. Less usual retrofits followed front end damage in the mid-70's. Car was sent to Avanti Motors in South Bend for repairs. The replacement nose cap included square light bezels because of parts supply issues. There is a late style battery tray, there are holes in the front fenders communicating with wheel well to aid engine compartment cooling, something I understand was phased in post-1970. The car is otherwise original, drives very well, has very low miles since engine rebuild and body off chassis detailing in the 80's. Even power windows work. Previously this serial # was misidentified on another registry list as belonging to a different car, an R1 in Los Angeles area. We love this thing! Certified Registration
May 12, 2006 1963 63R-2567 Tom A. Mueller R2 4-speed, turquoise both in/out, bought from orginal owner in 1976, 62,000 miles, all original undergoing minor cosmetic restoration. 2006 Registration
Sep 7, 2008 1963 63R-2574 Jon R. Snyder Aqua blue with black interior. 2008 Registration
Jun 17, 2002 1963 63R-2602 Bill Preston R1 4-speed all original in good condition with AM radio, 'silent muffler', red exterior and black interior. My father bought it new, the first one delivered to Rochester, NY with a $500 premium charge. 2002 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1963 63R-2603 Mick Hardy R2 Avanti gold with fawn/black interior, wood grain dash and steering wheel and console. Shipped by Studebaker to the 1963 Chicago Auto Show. 2001 Registration
Dec 5, 2006 1963 63R-2610 Herbert R. Jaffe R1 78,600 miles, automatic and AC, with original red seats, black carpet, and fawn dash, all in very good condition. Restored white exterior and chrome. Excellent running car used for daily driving and shows. Owned since 1979. 2006 Registration
May 7, 2008 1963 63R-2625 Ross K. Peterson Purchased in 1983, partially restored (chassis only). Body was removed and returned to Avanti Motors to have the firewall forward replaced due to accident and a 1964 nose was installed. Originally, R-1, 4-speed with 3.73 posi rear and hill holder. Now has R-3 , 4-speed with 3.54 posi rear. Car is Avanti Gold (just painted) with fawn/elk interior. I have been collecting NOS parts for 25 years and they are going to be put to good use. Originally a Pennsylvania car, but no rust repairs needed, just all the mechanicals from sitting so long. No bolt has been left unturned! 2008 Registration
Apr 13 , 2002 1963 63R-2639 Tim Alexander R1 4-speed hurst AC, PS, PB, originally gold. Needs lots of tlc. 2002 Registration
Jul 26, 2009 1963 63R-2640 Ellwood S. Phillips R1, body # RQ1622, automatic, PS, PB (Dual), PW, 373 Dana, Mopar alternator with solid state ignition. Trunk mounted battery. Avanti II custom wheels and radial tires. Original 289, rebuilt in 2002. Edelbrock 8867 carb., auxilary front mounted electric fan. Body painted GM code 43 Bright Aqua Metalic in about 1999. Fawn interior, with black dash, and black carpet. Carpet replaced in 2000. Looks great and runs very strong. Recent (2009) reconditioned A-arms with Delron bushings, king pins, front & rear brakes, power steering ram. The car was originally purchased in Wisconson, U.S.A., Imported to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1997, and purchased by me in June 2008. Present home is in Calgary, Alberta. 2009 Registration
Nov 26, 2008 1963 63R-2657 Deryl Goettling White, fawn and black interior, AC, automatic, PS, PB under construction. 2008 Registration
Apr 13, 2015 1963 63R-2658 Dick LeRoux R2 gold with black interior, automatic. 2015 Registration
Nov 19, 2011 1963 63R-2666 Don Fox 1963 Studebaker Avanti. Certified Registration
Aug 8, 2006 1963 63R-2689 Vic & Sherrie Piano R1 gold with fawn/black interior. Full factory power, PW/PB/PS, automatic and AC, AM radio. 3rd owner. 2006 Registration
Jan 12, 2001 1963 63R-2692 Vince Riss R2 automatic, gold with orange interior, ATM 373 rear end, electric windows, electric windshield washers. 2001 Registration
Feb 4, 2006 1963 63R-2696 Roland Vardon R2 4-speed 4:10 TT, custom leather (burgundy and fawn) interior, California car. Repainted Ermine White in spring of 2005-Dayton wires-Koni shocks–etc. 2006 Registration
Apr 22, 2009 1963 63R-2699 Anthony Psaris Full restored, rechromed, origional V-8, 289 Cid, solid lifters, 4 BBL, engine rebuilt, automatic transmission, factory air conditioning, Avanti red. 2009 Registration
May 18, 2005 1963 63R-2706 Frank Fay R1 built on Jan 17, 1963, on the owners birthday. Gold with Black and Fawn interior. Orginal interior was Fawn. Restored 3 times then renewed again in 1997 to conform to Switzerland state regulations so that it could be used on the road. Currently, the dash gages are metric and sports a speedometer that reads in KPH's. The true mileage is unknown, possibly over 150,000 miles travelled but you could never tell by looking at the car.
Fay Avanti
2005 Registration
Apr 10, 2016 1963 63R-2713 Tom Price Unrestored survivor. Gold, automatic, radio, rear speaker, seat belts. 63000 miles. I am second documented owner. 2016 Registration
May 5, 2015 1963 63R-2724 Greg Cone R2 4-speed. Sold new as a 1963 gold Avanti. Wrecked, repossessed, repaired and sold as a 1964 maroon Avanti. 2015 Registration
Dec 9, 2012 1963 63R-2730 Carol McCutcheon Gold with fawn interior. 40K miles. It was put in a barn in 1974 and pulled out 31 years later. Preserving her inch by inch, a labor of love! 2012 Registration
Jul 14, 2016 1963 63R-2749 Ian R. Mackellar R1 auto, origially Gold with Elk, then red with black. Now halfway through conversion to Land Speed Car.
2016 Registration
May 14, 2014 1963 63R-2779B Thorsten Braeuer None provided. 2014 Registration
Mar 2, 2013 1963 63R-2786 Tom Cantral R1 engine, automatic transmission, factory AC. Avanti white with fawn/ red interior. Purchased 11/12 from Sheridan Wyoming. Car was built 01/63 as a rush order (sold) delivered to Denver Colorado. Orignal will be repainted in spring of 2013. 2013 Registration
Mar 7, 2016 1963 63R-2788 Tim Painter R1 engine, restored to stock condition, Avanti red, automatic. 2016 Registration
Sep 8, 2015 1963 63R-2817 Jeff Werner Automatic, factory AC, green black interior, power brakes, manual steering, 79,468mi. The car is all original: paint, motor, interior. The only non original parts are normal maintenance, tires, exhaust, shocks. It is in survivor status. Runs and shifts perfect. All accesories in working order. 2015 Registration
Jun 6, 2014 1963 63R-2823 Kory Slaatthaug Red exterior, red and whiteish interior, R-2, 4speed. 2014 Registration
Aug 14, 2006 1963 63R-2824A Robert L. Weir R1 with air, PS and automatic trans. The "A" in the VIN denotes a California car (in '63, California required 8 digits for VINs, so the "A" was added on the title and a small "A" added to the VIN plate). I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R3039 and 63R3404. 2006 Registration
Apr 25, 2012 1963 63R-2826 Harvey Exner Gold, fawn/elk interior, PS, auto, A/C, power & tinted windows. 2012 Registration
Jan 21, 2012 1963 63R-2837 Dave Forlenzo Purchased from Lenny Puma, California in 1998 minus engine and transmission. It has been stored in garage until frame off re-build began in 2011. Non original drivetrain being installed. Car was the first Avanti delivered in the State of North Dakota, and was purchased by a female college student! 2012 Registration
June 24, 2008 1963 63R-2845 Karl J. Sparks Car belonged to my Father, Calvin Sparks who bought it in San Francisco in 1968. Car was ordered as R2 HD suspension by dealer in L.A. Car was modified by dad to use two superchargers on R4 manifold. Two R2 carbs, R3/288 cam, head were welded and ported to R3 spec.When first seen in 1970 people thought it was the R5. Now its just called the Twin. 2008 Registration
Jul 17, 2016 1963 63R-2848 Robert J. Major R1, A/C, powershift auto, power steering, tinted glass, bored to 299.5 CID, hypereutectic pistons, R3 cast iron headers. Avanti red with red interior, Dayton wire wheels and 54450 miles.
2016 Registration
Apr 26, 2014 1963 63R-2859
Jason M. Doty R1 purchased from Bob Weir in April 2014. It was housed at the Bird Aviation and Inventors Museum in Sagle, Idaho. This well taken care of vehicle is currently painted Mustang Red, but was originally Avanti Gold. Included features such as power steering, air conditioning and power windows. 2014 Certified Registration
Nov 15, 2004 1963 63R-2864 David D. Gay R2 automatic, power windows. Painted metallic red with a re-done red interior. Mileage uncertain, but may be 120,000. It spent the past 15 years or more in Montana and Wisconsin. 2004 Registration
Dec 28, 2014 1963 63R-2882 Donald D. Williams 4-speed with red exterior and red and white interior. 2014 Registration
Jun 24, 2016 1963 63R-2884 John W. Lawrence Purchased R4541 recently. It belonged to Maurice Frech. He also owned R2884 prior to R4541. R2884 was purchased on 12/11/69 from Carol J. Miller for $1800. It had 88,390 miles when bought. Frech had the car until 7/18/71 when it was completely destroyed by fire. Insurance awarded him $1900 for the loss of the car. This will help to fill in one gap of missing Avantis. 2016 Registration
Dec 21, 2013 1963 63R-2891 Lars-Göran Karlsson R2, automatic, PS, PB, white with red interior. All original and correct. I am the 7th owner. Exported to Sweden in 2011 where I purchased it in late summer of 2013. Still in good running condition just needs some cosmetic care. 2013 Registration
Feb 16, 2014 1963 63R-2892 Rick Smith 1963 Avanti R1, auto transmission, Avanti Turquoise paint and turquoise interior. My dad - Price T. Smith from Pampa, Texas - purchased this car from Stremel MTR Co. in Dodge City, Kansas in 1973. My understanding is that Stremel was originally a Studebaker dealer or the guy that then owned Stremel had been a Studebaker dealer.  Stremel had purchased it back, or took it in trade, from original owner. The car is all original with 33,000 miles on the clock. When we took it to Studebaker conventions there were always discussions with the judges about the paint. Can't remember the specifics but it was re-painted by the dealer soon after purchase. I think there were some factory paint problems but it was considered a factory authorized re-paint. It never hurt us in the judging and we won a First Place with it at the Dallas convention in the 70s and a Third Place with it in 2000 in Austin. 2014 Registration
Jun 8, 2016 1963 63R-2898 David E. Battistoni I acquired the vehicle from the original owner in November 1965. Exterior is Avanti Gold with Fawn interior. Has rare 3 speed manual transmission. Excellent condition with under 50k miles. 2016 Certified Registration
May 5, 2015 1963 63R-2899 Stuart E. Moody Gold with orange interior. 2015 Registration
Nov 20, 2006 1963 63R-2908 Gary J. Rostetter Will be rebuilt as street rod. Also have R 4188 R2 . 2006 Registration
Dec 14, 2006 1963 63R-2908 Kenneth W. Robinson Purchased June 2006. A complete original car. Turquoise exterior and interior with R1 engine and automatic transmission. It had been sitting for at least 10 years and hadn't been taken care of during its storage. I've gotten it drivable again and will continue to upgarde it as I have fun driving around town. 2006 Registration
Mar 27, 2014 1963 63R-2917 Daniel P. Grgurich R1, Avanti Gold. 2014 Certified Registration
Dec 9, 2007 1963 63R-2946 Stephen & Susan Peterson R2 Avanti, turquoise exterior with turquoise/ fawn interior. We are the 4th owners. The 1st owner used it as a daily driver for 10 years. The 2nd owner stored it in a barn for 24 years. The 3rd owner completed a 4 year frame-off restoration and then put 6,000 miles on it over the next 6 years. We now have a great looking car for driving and shows. 2007 Registration
Jun 25, 2015 1963 63R-2962 Ken Buchanan White with fawn/red interior, R1, Powershift, A/C. Mostly original barn find. 2015 Registration
Oct 11, 2002 1963 63R-2987 Dan Nichols & Christine Denario R2 automatic, PS ,PB, PW. Turquoise exterior with turquoise/ fawn interior. Purchased 9/21/02 in Milwaukee, WI and driven to Lancaster, PA. Restored in late '70's and early '80's by the 2nd owner, we are the 4th owners. Some interior restoration and exterior detailing to be completed.
Denario Avanti
2002 Registration
Mar 18, 2003 1963 63R-2989 Glenn Daughtry R1 PS ,PB, PW, factory air. Gold exterior, fawn-beigh interior. Many auto show wins since 1998. Daily driver! 2003 Registration
2005 1963 63R-2990 David N. Littlefield Originally my father's car purchased about 1967 from the original owner, Helen Tyson, who bought it new in the West Palm Beach area. An R1, automatic, with a/c, white exterior, turquoise/fawn interior. Shipped to Florida to begin a frame off restoration. Body was too far gone to salvage but the frame and engine were fine. I found a pristine body on eBay with a totally rusted out frame, no engine or tranny, and purchased it from Suzanne Stolle of Appleton, Wisconsin in August 2003. That Avanti was R1331, and I towed it to Florida to use that body on my frame. Restoration on R2990 is progressing nicely and may be finished by end of 2006. The Avanti turned a lot of heads when I was a kid riding in her with Dad. It is a tribute to my father and a labor of love to bring her back to life and travel the road again in it and turn some more heads! 2005 Registration
Jun 25, 2011 1963 63R-3010 Allan W. Fishman Maroon with Chevy 350 crate, 400 automatic with overdrive, Turner front brakes, AC rebuilt two years ago, Cragar wheels. Certified Registration
Jun 1, 2007 1963 63R-3012 Jim Inglis Just purchsed this white with tangerine R-1 automatic, A/C from a friend in West Palm Beach who purchased the car new. It has 46,000 miles from new and is in gorgeous condition. 2007 Registration
Nov 25, 2002 1963 63R-3025 Rollin F. Christopherson R2 four speed, red with black seats and tan dash and trim, purchased from the original owner in the fall of 72 in Salt Lake City, Utah I drove it to my home in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I now live in Ogden Utah. ps. It is the little sister of my 56 Packard.
Christopherson AvantiChristopherson Avanti
2002 Registration
Apr 16, 2010 1963 63R-3029 Eurston/Mary Rollins White exterior with red and cream interior, automatic. Excelent orginal condition, does not need restoration 2010 Registration
Feb 12, 2003 1963 63R-3035 William Nadolskey R1, white, orange interior. automatic, AC, PW, am radio, rear speaker, 135,000 miles, originally purchased in NJ, father-son owned since new. 2003 Registration
Mar 19, 2015 1963 63R-3037 Alvin (Al) M. Johnston 4-speed, power steering, hill holder, twin traction, radio, Avanti Red, interior color fawn with elk seats and black carpet. Owned 1963-2014 by Lyle H. Dumers (Messina NY) and 2015-present by Alvin (Al) Johnston (Bath, NC). 2015 Registration
Nov 23, 2006 1963 63R-3039 Robert L. Weir R1, Avanti red with AT and PS. Does not have AC. Ths R1 was purchased on 11-21-06 from a gentleman in Hollywood, Ca. This is my 6th 1963 Avanti. One cannot have too many Avantis! Car is currently in Warner Springs, Ca. I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R3039 and 63R3404. 2006 Registration
Dec 10, 2002 1963 63R-3042 Jeff Grohs R1, automatic, no A/C or P/W. Gold/Elk. Restoration nearly complete. Sat from 82 til purchase in 99. 2002 Registration
May 1, 2010 1963 63R-3048 Keith B. Knop R1 with 65,353 miles. Body #63RQ2134. Gold with fawn/elk interior. "Born" 2/3/63. Has 4-speed, hill holder, twin traction, AM radio with rear speaker. Certified Registration
Dec 14, 2003 1963 63R-3054 John N. Pacella R2, automatic original white exterior/ red interior. 2nd. owner since 1979. PS/PB/AM radio. 74,000 miles. 2nd place studebaker drivers club Ligonier Pennsylvania. 2003 Registration
Aug 27, 2008 1963 63R-3062 Jim & Dotty Carto R1, Avanti turquoise. Purchased from the original owner, Ronald Beardsley of Deland, Florida in July 2008. Driven until 1976 when it was put into storage with about 96,500 miles on it for the next 16 years. It came out of storage in 1992 and in 1998 Ron Beardsley had a complete frame off restoration done by Jim Sinclair of Avanti Motors. A/C, Power Shift, P/S, and 3:31 TT axel. It is all original and now has 98,833 miles on it. Certified Registration
Jul 4, 2012 1963 63R-3062 Robert G. Hawley I am the third owner of this R1 Avanti. Frame-off restored in 1998 and has traveled less than 10K miles since with just 109,000 miles total. Multiple firsts since 1998 thru 2011. Turquoise with black and fawn deluxe interior, automatic transmission, PS, factory AC, TT, 3.31:1 and factory AM radio with rear speaker. My dream car realized. 2012 Registration
Aug 29, 2004 1963 63R-3068 Joseph A. Barrow R2 Avanti blue, second owner, 113,000 miles. Engine rebuilt at 100,000 miles. 2004 Registration
Sep 21, 2004 1963 63R-3088 Bob Thomasson Black R1. Good driver. Recently acquired and I am providing the tlc required to make it a great driver. 77K miles and complete car. Was restored several years ago. Black with fawn and black interior. Factory air original AM radio. 2004 Registration
Dec 4, 2005 1963 63R-3117 Rick Armontrout My dream is on its way from Indiana. I am the 4th owner. The car is an R-1 automatic, engine rebuilt by Cambridge Emerson Fitapaldi Associates in England at 125,000, and repainted white from gold original. Any repairs needed at that time at Southbend Indiana in 1975. The car has been quite a world traveler. I still have to pinch myself to believe she's mine. Would Love to hear from other owners. Its been a long 40 year wait. 2005 Registration
Jun 22, 2007 1963 63R-3124 Clarence Lehmann Second owner. First owner stored car from 1967 until now. 85,000 miles, R2, 4-speed, gray, with fawn / black / red interior. 2007 Registration
Nov 20, 2009 1963 63R-3152 Jim McCuan Turquoise R2, Powershift, PS/PB car. Found with 5200 miles by Greg Meyers in Minnetonka MN and purchased from original owner. Greg carefully cleaned and dusted the original paint and interior, renewed the hoses and belts and installed a new stainless steel exhaust. I bought the car from Greg with 7800 miles. It still wears it's very nice original paint and flawless original interior. 2009 Registration
Feb 4, 2001 1963 63R-3154 Larry Hahn R1 gold, automatic, AC 2001 Registration
May 18 , 2001 1963 63R-3163 Ernest Stover R2 2001 Registration
Jul 21, 2002 1963 63R-3209 Jim & Jackie R1 white with red interior, 4-speed (close ratio 2nd/3rd), 3:54 rear, dyno'd @ 280 bhp, ps, tt, many structural upgrades - complete ss/exhaust system, reinforced door supports and hinges, electronic ignition system, NOS, signed original aftermarket Nardi steering wheel (mahogony), frame-off complete restoration (mint), many other upgrades, ultra-fine Studebaker, owners since September, 1994. 2002 Registration
Dec 28, 2013 1963 63R-3219 Gene Robb Stainless steel frame measured from original frame. Corvette C4 suspension with coil over shocks, C5 brakes. LS1 engine, T56 transmission, Viper rear end. Chambered side exhaust with LS7 exhaust manifolds. 2013 Registration
Dec 1, 2015 1963 63R-3220 Dave Tomasic In the process of restoration. Everything except frame off being addressed. 2015 Registration
Aug 10, 2011 1963 63R-3222 Lynn Metz R1 2011 Registration
Nov 29, 2014 1963 63R-3249 Mark Rohrbacher Body number RQ-2360, engine code number R2319
Originally gold exterior. Re-painted white ? years ago, red carpeting, beige (off white) seats and interior. Odometer says 42,000 miles, assume it has gone around once. Engine was rebuilt from approximately 2001-2010 in Indiana. Runs good (drive it at least twice per week), weather stripping needs replacement. Replaced power brake booster, water pump, radiator reservoir repaired, and starter solenoid replaced.
2014 Registration
Feb 16, 2014 1963 63R-3259 Rick Smith 1963 R2 Avanti (Titled as 1964 since purchased in 1974). Automatic transmission, Avanti White paint with orange interior. My Dad - Price T. Smith from Pampa, Texas - purchased the car in 1974 from an individual in Amarillo, TX. It is original except for a re-paint and new interior done just before he purchased it. 80,000 miles on the clock. Displayed in the 2014 Houston Auto Show. Third place at 2000 Austin Studebaker convention. 2014 Registration
Feb 18, 2014 1963 63R-3264 Rob Leatherbee R1 Avanti Gray with a red interior and air conditioning. 2014 Registration
Feb 16, 2001 1963 63R-3277 Cal & Barb Roe R2, 4-speed manual transmission, 3.78 ratio in differential with twin traction, PS & PB, AM radio and tinted glass side windows. Original Avanti red with tan interior. 4th owner of this original car with less than 30,000 miles. Purcased in Santee, CA in November of 2001. At 7000 feet elevation in the mountains of Southern California, the Paxton supercharger still puts out 5 psi boost. I plan upgrades that Avanti fans will recognize such as the new Flowmaster based exhaust system I had installed. 2001 Registration
Jul 8, 2015 1963 63R-3279 Jim Cheney None provided. 2015 Registration
Mar 2, 2011 1963 63R-3286 Warren & Joy Webb Turquoise R1, power steering, power windows, automatic transmission, silent muffler, 6.70 Firestone 500s, tinted glass - side windows. Body # 2304 built 2/14/63. I am the second owner. By what paper work I have it appears that the car was originally invoiced to Frank H. Afton Studebaker in Inglewood, Calif but later sold (possible dealer trade?) to Tom Sherlock Motors, Alhambra, Calif. The original owner was William Olson of Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. who I believe bought the car in October 1963. I have owned the car since 1993. 2011 Registration
Jan 12, 2005 1963 63R-3295   1963 Avanti R-2 titled as 1964. Sold in North Carolina from Honeycut Motors in 1964. Owned since 1967. Factory built with R-2, automatic transmission, Avanti red with red interior, power steering, AM radio, non-power windows, tinted glass. First Avanti to run the quarter mile in under 12 seconds. Current record holding at 11.68 @ 116 mph on 13 pounds of boost with factory intake, manifolds, and R-2 cam.
1963 Avanti
2005 Registration
Aug 30, 2001 1963 63R-3303 Harry & Mary Ann Hackett R1 that needs everything! 2001 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1963 63R-3307 Stan Gundry R2 Avanti white with orange interior. Perforated seat and back insets. Restored in 1983. Won First Place in 1983 for a 1963 Avanti in the AOA Eastern National Meet in South Bend and First Place in its class by the Studebaker Drivers Club. Also Second Place in 1988 at the SDC International Meet in South Bend. 2001 Registration
Feb 23, 2014 1963 63R-3309 Mike T. Walker Black on black R2, 4-speed, engine number Rs-1737, body number 63Rrq5038. 2014 Registration
Jan 26, 2001 1963 63R-3313 John M. Cervini R1 powershift, long term restoration, turquoise with turquoise interior, new interior will be white. 2001 Registration
Feb 23, 2016 1963 63R-3329 Rick Smith R2 4-speed. Purchased February 2016 as "barn find" in Arizona. 2016 Registration
Apr 17, 2001 1963 63R-3351 Jim Bradley R1 gold with fawn interior. Automatic, PS. Owned since 1973. 2001 Registration
Apr 12, 2001 1963 63R-3359 Eric Levy-Myers R2 automatic, with a nicely installed AC (compressor is mounted where the lower pulley used to be and uses Avanti II vents). Turquoise with turquoise/fawn interior. 2001 Registration
Feb 12, 2007 1963 63R-3366 Joseph R. Kobelak R2 automatic, 3.73 TT, PS/PB, Avanti red w fawn interior. 67000 original miles. 2007 Registration
Dec 25, 2015 1963 63R-3381 Bjorgvin Bjorgvinsson R1, automatic. 2015 Registration
Mar 6, 2007 1963 63R-3384 Robert L. Ratcliff Gold, automatic, PS, PB, PW. 2007 Registration
Dec 24, 2011 1963 63R-3392 Kenneth Rowe Red over red 1963 R1, restored to original specifications. Certified Registration
Sep 14, 2014 1963 63R-Q3399 Jason Reese None provided. 2014 Registration
Dec 30, 2013 1963 63R-3400 H.B. Calder Recently acquired.
Calder Avanti
2013 Certified Registration
Dec 9, 2005 1963 63R-3404 Robert L. Weir R2 with A/T. Turquoise with turquoise/fawn interior. Originally a California car, in Illinois for only a few years (transported back to Calif.) I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R3039 and 63R3404. 2005 Registration
May 4, 2015 1963 63R-3416 Don Wilson R1, power shift, red with fawn and red interior. Older restoration, driver quality now, 100,000 miles. Sold new in OK. Lived in CA and WA. 2015 Certified Registration
Mar 20, 2010 1963 63R-3430A Robert A. Spindler R1 that's been sitting in a garage for 20+ years. Car is white with Turquoise interior. Has an automatic with 36,000 original miles. Power windows, AC, PS, PB. Due to the long sit, some interior work is required as the seat foam is broken down. Prior owner pulled the engine, bored it and completely rebuilt it. He passed away before installing it. 2010 Registration
Feb 29, 2008 1963 63R-3431 Lavin Cuddihee Avanti white w/ turquoise 4-speed, built 2/22/63. Engine R-2413 original to car, TT, PS, PB, tinted windows. There are, and have been some great cars produced, but there truly isn't a machine out there that can offer the array of emotional satisfaction as an Avanti! 2008 Registration
Feb 1, 2010 1963 63R-3453 Gary P. Cramer Dark gray w/fawn black interior, PB, PS, PW, AT, AC, TT, tinted windows, seat belts, AM/FM radio, dual master cylinder, window wash. Original color was turquoise. 73k original miles. 2009 Registration
Oct 9, 2014 1963 63R-3472 Rick Roland 1963 Avanti, red with black interior. 2014 Registration
Aug 1, 2008 1963 63R-3473 Alberta Southworth Just finally purchased this Avanti. Wanted one for over 40 years! Nice driver I can restore as I drive. 2008 Registration
Aug 23, 2015 1963 63R-3477 Carl S. Nelson None provided. 2015 Registration
Jun 28, 2002 1963 63R-3484 Ernie Peters R1 automatic. Purchased in May 2002. Under re-restoration. Had major cosmetic/mechanical restoration in 1985, car was parked and sat inside garage for 16 years. Engine out, being gone through (head gaskets leaked while sitting). Interior will be redone in original red. Exterior paint is good (Avanti white). Will need some minor cosmetic parts, but car is all there. 2002 Registration
Mar 2, 2010 1963 63R-3489 Fred Esbenshade None provided. 2010 Registration
Oct 5, 2011 1963 63R-3510 Ray L. Hensel 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2 Coupe 2011 Registration
Feb 15, 2015 1963 63R-3512 Ulli Dittmar R2, white color with black interior, automatic and electric windows. 2015 Registration
Sep 26, 2014 1963 63R-3537 Steven A. Schultz Turquoise with turquoise interior, original R2 289hp, automatic, PS, PB. 2014 Registration
Apr 9, 2010 1963 63R-3541 Scott W. Lemmon R1, 4- Speed. Originally sold in Wisconsin. Now in Ohio. 2010 Registration
Jan 20, 2007 1963 63R-3544 Larry A. Crapo R2, 4-speed. White with original red and white interior. I bought this car in Nashville, Tennesse in 1973 and put a new short block from Newman-Altman in it in 74 with SS heads. It has 3.73 TT. I bought this car when I was in high school and have many fond memories leaving the "detroit specials" behind in the 1/4 mile. Car has been stored for the last 13 years and I am now beginning a complete restoration. 2007 Registration
Apr 24, 2015 1963 63R-3550 Tonette L. Ross R2, white with orange interior. Bought by my parents in Oregon in 1968. Now in Vancouver, BC Canada. Looks great, drives great and gets lots of smiles. 2015 Registration
Oct 16, 2006 1963 63R-3553 John Cook R2, orginally white, now black with tan interior, automatic, 94,000 miles. Body no. 63R-2600, assembled on 2/28/63. Power windows and silent muffler. Delivered in San Francisco. Now in Sacramento, CA. 2006 Registration
Jan 25, 2010 1963 63R-3565A Thomas E. Cummings R2, 4-speed, 3.73, Avanti Red with fawn/black interior, power windows, delivered new in San Diego from Sunset Motor Imports to George J. Warren on July 19, 1963. Known history: Next owner Melvin E. Franz in Del Mar, CA AOAI member in 1971 and probably into the 1980's, Then owned from 1987-1999 by Joe and Alita Mecey in Phoenix, AZ. Owned from 1999 to 2005 by Lowell McGann in Las Vegas, NV. Owned By Doug Fuller, Simi Valley CA from 2005-2006. Present owner , Thomas Cummings, from April 2006. Fun car, 2-3rd place and 1 -2nd place awards at La Palma Studebaker show. My goals are stock looks with some modern touches where it is not obvious. I have, but have not yet installed: LS R3 heads and intake and a 5-speed transmission.
Cummings Avanti 1
2010 Registration
Jun 14, 2008 1963 63R-3576A Dan Kuhl Purchased June 2, 2008 from original owner, who purchased it new from the O.B. Davey Dealership in San Diego, California. Color is Avanti red with black interior. R2 and 4-speed. California car with 98,000 miles on the odometer. Needs full restoration. 2008 Registration
Feb 17, 2010 1963 63R-3584 Tom and Grace Simpson This car was sold new in Oklahoma City as an R2. I have owned this car for the past 39 years. In that time I have driven it more than 100000 miles. When I bought it in Little Rock Arkansas it had an R3 Engine installed. To date my wife and I have invested $39000 in the pruchase price, parts labor, new paint, new interior and a completely rebuilt R3 Engine, in order to keep it as original as possible. The car took a first in class at the National Studebaker Meet in Lancaster Pa. in 2008. It is not for sale anytime soon. 2010 Registration
Aug 18, 2006 1963 63R-3593 Robert M. Lloyd 1963 registered as 1964, not sure why. Red R-1, power windows, auto, air, power steering and brakes. In storage and has not been started in almost two years. Was running when parked. Purchased from Merson's in Ohio 2001. Supposedly previous owner had for twenty years. Currently in Hawaii. Has 113,000+ miles. 2006 Registration
Aug 4, 2003 1963 63R-3621 LTC. Richard E. Pianca USA (Ret) Purchased in 1976 from Avanti Motors, South Bend, Indiana. I am the third owner. The first owner received the Avanti as a high school graduation present from her father. The vehicle ID is RQ 3621, body RQ 2710, engine R 2540. It has the perforated seat inserts, auto trans, PS.PB, radio w/rear speaker, TT, AC, dual fender mounted rear view mirrors, white walls, turn signals, front and rear seat belts, windshield washers, and tinted glass It has been repainted its original Avanti Turquoise. 2003 Registration
Jan 12, 2001 1963 63R-3626 Ed & Wenda Wenger R1, green (originally gold) with black interior, Automatic, AC, owned since 1970. 2001 Registration
Jun 27, 2006 1963 63R-3628 Larry Fuerman Gold R1, air, 120K, originally purchased from Bud Lee in 1971, it was my first car! My other studie is a 53 Starliner hartop. 2006 Registration
Apr 26, 2005 1963 63R-3629 Keith B. McGinnis 57K miles total, left in a garage from 1966-1996 after having 46K hard miles - not preped for storage. Restored 1996-1998 by Bruce Ford. R1, automatic, PS, PB, & Factory Air. I call her Ruby-Ruby. This car sports gorgous red paint (not Avanti), red cloth seats, and ventage Crager 72 spoke wheels. Shown 26 times in 2004 in the NM-AZ area. 61st place, 42nd place, and 13th in the shows that gave awards. See R1880 for my daily driver. 2005 Registration
Jul 30, 2014 1963 63R-3658 Jim Campbell When purchased it was a maroon R2 with 4-speed transmission. I am rebuilding from two other Avantis into an R3 clone with a Tremec TKO 500 manual transmission, Mustang II front clip and vintage air conditioning.Campbell R3
2014 Registration
Feb 19, 2001 1963 63R-3684 Carolyn Crall R2, 4-speed, with Hurst shifter, RA-3.73 tapered w/TT, Studebaker AM/FM. White with black vinyl top, turquoise and fawn interior. Vinyl top was installed by the dealer at original owner's request. 2001 Registration
Dec 16, 2012 1963 63R-3694 David Wood Jr. (Woodsy) R2, 4-speed, non air, non power steering. Drivable condition, but needs repaint from current poor condition repaint in non-original color. Interior in very good condition with exception of dash pad. Currently unplated and awaiting refurbished. Owned since late 2010 early 2011. Registered to me 3/15/2011. 2012 Certified Registration
Feb 3, 2003 1963 63R-3701 Jim & Winifred Heath R2, 4-speed, 3.73 TT, PS, PW & PB, AM radio and tinted glass. Original Avanti gray with black interior. Mods include Chevy valve conversion, Edelbrock 750 carb with after market bonnet, Hurst shifter, 2 1/4 in SS exhaust with loud mufflers, dual master cylinder, rear battery, 3 core rad, 6 in front & 7 in rear wheels, finned valve and valley covers, new interior (black with grey), Recaro power seats, carpets, NOS dash, front grill, exterior paint Honda crystal blue clear coat. Future, styled wheels and air conditioning. 2003 Registration
May 20, 2002 1963 63R-3713 Tom Luoma R2, automatic, 3.73 TT, Long-term frame up restoration in progress. Originally gray with red interior, will be painted Avanti gold. Purchased in 2000 in very poor condition. This car has not been in drivable condition for more than 17 years. Now 50% completed, the target date for this project is June 2003. 2002 Registration
Jan 27, 2003 1963 63R-3719 Keith & Marilyn Brooks R2 A/T built March 1963 but not sold to original owner in Oklahoma until September 1963. Currently being modified with a/c, bored block and new interior. 2003 Registration
Jan 25, 2010 1963 63R-3737 Allyn R. Griffith R1, gold, red and white interior, 4-speed. Just rescued from twenty year outdoor storage by the previous owner who bought it in 1972. Obviously needs complete restoration, but it is very original and complete. I am a dealer and will offer it for sale. 2010 Registration
Aug 31, 2001 1963 63R-3749 Steve Grant R2 4-speed, gold with fawn interior. PW and factory AM/FM radio. 2001 Registration
May 6, 2014 1963 63R-3778 Mark Kurth R-2 automatic, purchased in poor condition and currently undergoing a complete restoration. The car was delivered new in New York State, ordered in Avanti Gray with Red/Fawn interior. Optional equipment included Twin-Traction, Firestone 500s, seatbelts, electric windshield washer and radio with rear speaker. 2014 Registration
Aug 20, 2008
Oct 10, 2009
1963 63R-3779 Bruce McMinn White R1 with factory-installed R3 heads. Automatic, black interior, factory air, woodgrain dash with fawn steering wheel, 3.54 factory-installed r&p w/o posi, (inoperative), AM Studebaker radio. Vehicle is now owned by my buddy Paul Cronkwright of Smithville, Ontario, who is finishing a body-off-frame restoration with VintageAir and numerous Stude performance upgrades. 2008 Registration
2009 Registration
Apr 22, 2010 1963 63R-3781 Vincent J. De Rosa Car was originally purchased from Avanti Motor Corporation from Nate Altman in 1975. It was part of the inventory when Altman purchased the Avanti plant. The car is an R2, 4-speed transmission. I have owned this car since 1975 and used it daily until 1990 when the car was taken off the road and stored in my garage. The car is red with black interior; original color was gray and was repainted and restored by Nate Altman just prior to sale in 1975. 2010 Registration
Sept 23, 2008 1963 63R-3785B Earl Shepherd White R1 with red interior. No A/C. Was my father's and now I'm working on fixing it up. Needs a lot of TLC. 2008 Registration
Nov 10, 2015 1963 63R-3788 Len Parris R1, red/red, 41K miles. Currently restoring; in storage since 1974. 2nd owner, rust free, damage free, numbers matching. 2015 Registration
Aug 18, 2011 1963 63R-3793 Donald G. Kaufman R1 automatic, AC. I am second owner. Car is in in great condtion. Many new parts, new paint, Avanti red, tan interior, 71,600 original miles. Certified Registration
Feb 16, 2010 1963 63R-3794 Brian J. Larson R2 automatic, 87K miles. Red with red interior. Rebuilt engine, maintained in stock original configuration. 2010 Registration
Dec 23, 2013 1963 63R-3800 Bjorn Halvorsen The Avanti is in Norway. 2013 Registration
Jan 24, 2014 1963 63R-3803 Norman Searle R2, 4-speed, power windows. 2014 Registration
Sep 28, 2016 1963 63R-3807 Ralph & Joni Buchanan Full restoration with beautiful, flawless 1974 Ford Merlot paint. All original gauges in place and working, except clock. Original 289 V8 with Borg Warner 3-speed automatic. All numbers match. This Avanti has found a new home and is loved. 2016 Certified Registration
Feb 21, 2012 1963 63R-3808 Stuart Hess Supercharged RS2182 engine. Car is in good condition and restoration started. Registered as a 1964 in California. 2012 Registration
Sep 22, 2009 1963 63R-3815 Thomas R. Wood Bought without engine or transmission. Has Studebaker Motor Corporation VIN tag but several non Studebaker modifications including a GM tilt locking steering column. Avanti II front end with square headlight buckets. Front seats are later model Avanti II highbacks. Want to make a daily driver out of it. 2009 Registration
Aug 31, 2015 1963 63R-3841 David L. Stalling Red with wire spoke wheels; R-2 Paxton blower with 4-speed with Hurst shifter. Heads ported and valves custom made from 1953 Chevrolet valves. Red interior. 2015 Registration
Apr 23, 2008 1963 63R-3852 William (Bill) P. Amantia R-4 and 4-speed conversion. In 2006 the original (and tired) R-1 was converted to a 304.5 c.i. R-4. Dual 4 bbls on repro R-4 intake manifold, Lunati cam, .093 over on bore, heads ported and polished and oversize valves, full rotating items balanced, R-3 exhaust headers. In 2008 the original automatic trans. changed to Stude. T-10 manual 4-speed with Stude. supplied Hurst shifter & linkage. Car in Raven Black with saddle interior is a consistent high-place show winner. Featured in Car & Driver and several issues of Avanti Magazine. Been in Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance as well as the same in Boca Raton Hotel (won Gold in class in 2007 and Silver in 2008). AACA Senior award winner. 2007 Registration
Oct 24, 2009 1963 63R-3873 James H. Gentry Titled as 1964. Original unrestored 80,000 miles. Gold/Fawn, R-2, PS, PW, automatic trans, AM-FM radio. Purchased Chicago, Illinois; originally sold, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 2009 Registration
Jul 17, 2015 1963 63R-Q3875 Richard H. Lindsey None provided. 2015 Registration
Jan 8, 2001 1963 63R-3891 Harry Truschinskis Red with fawn interior, Automatic, PB, PS 2001 Registration
Jan 30, 2015 1963 63R-3908 Geoffreys S. Gogle R2 supercharged with 4-speed manual transmission. Used for promotion of STP products in England. Sold to me in 1966 direct from STP – shipped to Cape Town South Africa and driven to Zambia. Back in South Africa for restoration by new owner and friend. 2015 Certified Registration
Oct 7, 2014 1963 63R-3911 Robert Maly None provided. 2014 Registration
Sept 28, 2007 1963 63R-3916 Roger Pace Currently under going body off restoration as of 9/27/07. 2007 Registration
Apr 9, 2001 1963 63R-3922 Don Hedgepeth R1 automatic, AC. Stripped and painted Madera Red in 1995, custom cork color leather interior including walnut dash and custom reclining seats with tan headliner and floor covering. Daily driver with 160,000 miles on the original engine. 2001 Registration
Dec 25, 2013 1963 63R-3937 Matthew S. Frushour R1 powershift with AC. 80K miles. Avanti white with red and fawn interior. Excellent origional condition with one repaint in the 80s. 2013 Registration
Jan 17, 2016 1963 63R-3965 Frank Lipera Currently being restored. 2016 Registration
Jul 14, 2016 1963 63R-3984 Jim Kaufman None provided. 2016 Registration
Oct 25, 2014 1963 63R-3990 Joanne Ehrhart Original gold exterior / fawn interior changed to black exterior / fawn black interior between 1990-1995. Mechanicals, chassis, body restored. Still 398 pt car in 2014. 2014 Registration
Feb 6, 2015 1963 63R-4002 Tom Piantanida R2 4-speed project car. The gold body is in good condition, the elk interior is fair, but the rest needs work. The car was stored outdoors for years and shows it. 2015 Regsitration
Oct 7, 2013 1963 63R-4008 Clay Earley R1 automatic, AC, PS, PB. Turquoise with fawn/turquoise interior. Orinally sold in Texas, last registered in Ohio in 1980. Bought in NC in 2012. Needs total restoration. 2013 Registration
Aug 31, 2001 1963 63R-4010 Steve Grant R1 automatic, AC. Originally gray, now Avanti red. Has been dark metallic green, white, and pink. Fawn and black interior. Bought in Florida and driven 1700 miles home. 2001 Registration
Dec 23, 2013 1963 63R-4013 Trygve Seljeflot The Avanti is in Norway. 2013 Registration
May 30, 2004 1963 63R-4014 Duane R. Miller Turquoise with black regal interior, R-1, Powershift, power steering, air, tinted side glass, sun band windshield. This car was re-painted about 20 years ago, My wife & I purchased it as an anniversary present in 2000. We bought it in Bettendorf, Iowa but I have been unable to trace previous ownership. The build sheet indicated that is was to be shipped to Laredo Texas, but scratchings on the shipping papers inticate that it was re-routed to the Chicago area. 2004 Registration
Mar 30, 2004 1963 63R-4027 George B. Shields, Jr. R1 Avanti repainted in black cherry with light tan/saddle leather interior. PS / PB Studebaker AM-FM radio, auto trans. 28K original mileage when purchased in January 2004. 2004 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1963 63R-4049 Rick Moon R1 automatic, engine no.R2836. Gold with tangerine interior. Export car (Puerto Rico). 2001 Registration
Feb 12, 2015 1963 63R-4051 Gary Landrio Barn find, 2nd owner began frame off restoration 40 years ago and never completed. Acquired 12/14, R1, automatic, metallic gray, elk/fawn interior. 2015 Registration
May 4, 2015 1963 63R-4054 Gene Latham Engine R1, body maroon, interior black. 2015 Registration
Feb 17, 2001 1963 63R-4066 Jack & Toni Usher R1 automatic, was scheduled to be black but was changed to silver at factory, now red with black/fawn interior. PW, PB. Second owner, purchased in 1974. 2001 Registration
Dec 19, 2002 1963 63R-4087 Don Shannon R2 4-speed with Hurst shifter, 3.73/TT, hill holder, electric windows, R3 bonnet. Originally sent to Fremont, CA. A blast to drive—I plan to restore it when I grow up—I'm 54. 2002 Registration
Aug 18, 2015 1963 63R-4089 Kristopher M. Schafte 4-speed, now black on black. 2015 Regsitration
Jul 2, 2014 1963 63R-4098 Dean H. Mapes R2 automatic in unrestored condition, shows 69,XXX in the odometer. Runs very good but is missing supercharger and bracket. 2014 Registration
May 18, 2008 1963 63R-4145 Glenn M. Lynch Turquoise/fawn interior, original white, imported to Australia 1989, ex California car/352,000 miles. R2 Automatic, now has worked 289, roller cam, EFI (haltech computer fuel/spark), 13.5 sec 1/4 mile w/3.31 rear axle, stiffer sway bars, chrysler ventilated discs. Has run circuit race tracks on club days, drives/handles/stops great for age of car. 2008 Registration
Dec 12, 2012 1963 63R-4152 Rick Ray R-1, Avanti red. Being restored. 2012 Registration
Jan 11, 2006 1963 63R-4164 Michael & Janice J. Lynch R1 Manual 4-Speed. Fully resored, maroon metalic paint with beige interior. PS, PW, PB, alloy wheels. Originally California car shipped back to Australia in 1989. 2004 Registration
Nov 12, 2006 1963 63R-4171 Burt Rothman Gold/Fawn interior, automatic, PS, PB, PW, AC. Previous owner. 2006 Registration
Jan 25, 2009 1963 63R-4171 John T. Thorese Gold/Fawn interior, R-1 Automatic, PS, PB, A/C, power windows. Bought the Avanti from Burt Rothman. 2009 Registration
May 3, 2009 1963 63R-4185 Joann Martin ORIGINAL OWNER! Strictly a California car with the original black plates. Motor is a R-2 however the supercharger is missing. Has a sunroof with a vinyl top. Has pw/ps, automatic transmission. Has been repainted, however is due again. 2009 Registration
Nov 20, 2006 1964 63R-4188 Gary J. Rostetter R2 in unknown condition bought from Evergreen Historic Automobile in Lebanon Mo. Also have 63 R 2908. 2006 Registration
Jun 18, 2006 1963 63R-4197 Jim Duden R1 3-speed stick, radio delete, only options are white walls and front seat belts. White with black interior. 26,500 miles, everything original and in excellent condition. Sold new at Abel`s Garage, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, now in New Mexico. One owner until 2000. Original sticker price was $4557.83, bill of sale shows original owner paid $3650.00! 2006 Registration
Nov 10, 2002 1963 63R-4213 Kevin Roche R1 4-speed. Red with red interior. Originally from dealer in CT, it has since been registered in PA and MA. 2002 Registration
May 5, 2015 1963 63R-4239 Albert J. Michelson Four year frame off restoration completed January 2015. Restored as the car was originally built: R1, gold exterior, black and fawn interior, automatic transmission, with air conditioning. 2015 Registration
Oct 2, 2014 1963 63R-4247 Wayne Terwilliger Turquoise R1 2014 Registration
Aug 30, 2015 1963 63R-4250 Kevin Reak R2 automatic. Turquoise with black and fawn interior. Car has been in the family since 1964. 2015 Registration
Mar 10, 2011 1963 63R-4252A Larry Glenn We were given an Avanti by my father, Orville Armstrong, who has had it since the 1960’s. He received it in partial payment for a legal fee from the original owner. Silver gray, 2 door, with AC, leather seats and tangerine and black loop carpet. We are in the process of restoring it to allow my husband to drive the half mile each way to his office. I have great memories of driving this car as a teenager in the 1960’s, and showing off the warning on the inside of the glove box about changing the tires before racing the car. 2011 Registration
Sep 22, 2009 1963 63R-4260 Michael W. Chernag Turquoise with turquoise interior, R2 4-Speed. I bought it in 1997 in Pennsylvania. Going to relocate the car to Florida in Oct. of 2009. Car is registered as a 1964 because it was not sold until 1964 but it was built in summer of 1963. 2009 Registration
May 25, 2016 1963 63R-4274A Bevan C. Cook Red R1 2016 Registration
May 4, 2015 1963 63R-4275A Richard Gahlbeck White with maroon interior, R1 automatic. Body RQ3053, engine R2876. Shipped to Alhambra, CA; built 05/06/1963.
Power steering, HD springs front and rear, full tinted glass w/sunband, twin traction, rear speaker, Firestone 500 nylon tires.
2015 Certified Registration
Sep 16, 2012 1963 63R-4292 Harrison F. Bink R2, Avanti White and Velvet Black, engine #RS1097, body RO.3329. Bought it from Ed and Deloris Schott in Harrisburg, PA around 2000. Minor repairs: waterpump and brakes. Good condition, restored interior, exterior unrestored, has R3 bonnet. 2012 Registration
May 30, 2014 1963 63R-4303 Robert Valentine Red R1 2014 Registration
Aug 9, 2006 1963 63R-4304 Richard H. Leendertsen R2, 4-speed with Hurst shifter; Avanti aqua. Shipped to England upon manufacture, returned to states in 1975. Bare build sheet; no radio; close ratio steering; heavy-duty suspension. 2006 Registration
Mar 30, 2013 1963 63R-4312 Thomas C. Pinard 61,700 miles new, with Twin-Track, 3.73 rear-end. Auto/A-C car, non-restored "20 footer" with 1964 headlight change. Gold/beige interior, wire wheels. Was western NY state car, to California in 2006. Purchased March, 2013.
Pinard AvantiPinard Avanti
2013 Certified Registration
Mar 16, 2007 1963 63R-4313 Pat Halloran R1 sent to England for original sale, returned 1985. 2007 Registration
Oct 9, 2010 1963 63R-4314 William C. Krueger I am the 3rd owner of this one-family owned car. It is reported as original except for radio and wheels; mileage is 88,564 at time of purchase. Documentation for all purchase, service and maintenance items were included with sale. R4314 is equipped with a 3‐speed transmission, hill holder, 3.07 twin traction rear end, and AC. I am pleased with its hand-crank windows!
Kruegar AvantiKruagar Avanti
Certified Registration
May 3, 2016 1963 63R-4320 William Panzica Red R2 automatic built in May 1963 and sold through Duncans Motor Sales in Akron, Ohio. Car has 95,000 + miles and still runs great. It's now back home in South Bend. 2016 Registration
Aug 30, 2002 1963 63R-4324 Patrick Drnec R2 4-speed Hurst shifter. PS, PB. White with red interior. Purchased from NY after complete frame-on restoration by Dave Thibeault. Very original, titled as 64. 2002 Registration
Apr 27, 2004 1963 63R-4341 Rick Hinson R1 automatic with air, PW. Turquoise with Turq. and fawn interior. 125,274 miles, rides and drives great. Stored for 3 yrs, took a couple of days to get running, the paint is new, still need to detail under hood, that day will come. From Rock Hill, S.C. 2004 Registration
Oct 23, 2009 1963 63R-4355 Bruce & Karen Brendal R1, turquoise, black interior, automatic, 3:31 rearend. Body # RQ3420, engine # R2940. Purchased in 1995. Prior to that it was in storage for 20 years. Presntly the car has 53,000 miles on it. 2009 Registration
Feb 18, 2001 1963 63R-4367 Douglas B. Greene R1 located in Oakland, California since 1980 with 93,000 miles. It is gray with a turquoise interior. This car is in concours condition and was awarded first place at Palm Springs in 2005. 2001 Registration
Apr 9, 2001 1963 63R-4370 Jack Vines R1 gold/fawn, automatic, PS, AC, TT, tinted glass, radio, rear speaker. Modified by George Barris Kustoms to 1965 Loewy design drawings—quad headlights, vinyl roof, flared rear fenders, Dayton knock-off wire wheels, dechromed hood and rear deck, Nardi wood steering wheel. 2001 Registration
Feb 22, 2014 1963 63R-4383 Thomas K. Kagi R1, automatic, AC, PW, PS, tinted glass, black, and black vinyl. AM radio with rear speaker. California car moved to NW. 2014 Registration
Aug 2, 2014 1963 63R-4399 Jeff B. McCain I bought this car in August of 2012 from Peter Rutledge. It has undergone a complete restoration including all mechanicals and is now painted 1965 Corvette Marina Blue. The walnut dash vinyl has been replaced with real wood and Vintage air has been added.The interior is black and is the first car built with solid black carpets. It is an R2 with a 4-speed and now has a NOS Twin traction rear end and a hill holder. It was built in 1963, but is titled as a 1964. 2014 Certified Registration
Oct 5, 2013 1963 63R-4407 Alejandro Hanssen None provided. 2013 Registration
Mar 18, 2003 1963 63R-4414 Phil & Pat Mudge R2 Gold, 4-speed w/black original interior, 89,000 mi. Drove one in 1962—Took 40 years to get one—worth the wait! Lives in New Hampshire. 2003 Registration
Aug 19, 2015 1963 63R-4415 Warren W. Wundt R1 engine, manual transmission, wire wheels. Exterior: white, interior: color scheme no.9 fawn and turquoise with turquoise and black carpet. 2015 Registration
Aug 1, 2009 1963 63R-4457 Johnny Thiele R1, body # RQ3496, engine # R-3064, line # 3552. Avanti red. Automatic, A/C, P/S, TT. Silent mufflers. Fawn/black interior, red/black salt-n-pepper carpet. No grille. 05/27/1963 production order. Milton Motors, Oakland, California. Plaque on console reads: Built for the Carlile family. 2009 Registration
May 25, 2016 1963 63R-4466 Kevin L. Wolford R1 with factory air. Converted by previous owner to 4-speed. Originally AT. Now red/red. Originally Avanti grey/orange. 2016 Registration
Jan 10, 2001 1963 63R-4478 Jason & Beverly Ford R2 4-speed, with Hurst shifter, PS, PB, and tinted glass. Transition car-original black/black vinyl interior with woodgrain inlays, aftermarket steering wheel. Was painted Avanti Red; repainted in 2002 back to it's original Avanti Grey Iridescent.
Ford Avanti
2001 Registration
Jun 14, 2015 1963 63R-4482 Atsushi Ishimaru None provided. 2015 Certified Registration
Sep 19, 2016 1963 63R-4504 Sebastian Ambra Third owner since mid 80s... has 80k original miles... sold rush to family in San Francisco, who parked it upon delivery of new Ford Mustang shortly after. Second owner was college buddy of first owner who put most of the miles on it while at UCLA.... then returned to SF area with wife and young child. I acquired the car needing new paint, carpet, front seat covers and an exhaust system. This example is an original black w/black int. Wood grain dash and steering wheel. The R-1 3-speed remains as it left South Bend. Have read that of 4600 Studebaker Avantis, eleven were done in Black! 2016 Registration
Jun 3, 2016 1963 63R-4541 John W. Lawrence R1, power shift, climatizer, power steering and windows, orange interior, Cadillac Firemist exterior. In same family from 1971. Ex-Maurice F. Frech car. Always a Southern California car. Original 1963 black plates. Purchased May 2016. 2016 Registration
Dec 10, 2002 1963 63R-4547 Jesse & Helene Ringer Registered as a 1964 Avanti, serial number R4547, square headlights and excellect condition. My brother gave her to us. Just had her brought up from S. California 11-7 and getting her ready for first club meet in January. 2002 Registration
Nov 6, 2008 1963 63R-4570 Ronald L. Jordan Purchased recently from original owner's family. Vehicle is in great condition throughout. 41000 original miles on odometer. Avanti red with air conditioning. Everything is functional including the clock. R1, automatic transmission, power windows. 2008 Registration
Nov 19 , 2001 1963 63R-4593 Jim & Leslea Rapp R2 4-speed, gold with black interior. This car had been stored from 1976 to 1999 when we purchased it. The car is now undergoing a groundup restoration. 2001 Registration
Apr 28, 2006 1963 63R-4600 George E. Dennis Candy apple red R2 with a 1996 LT 4 engine and a 700R GM transmission. Recarro seats front and back with 16 inch custom wheels. I am planning on adding rank & pinion steering as well as rear disc brakes. 2006 Registration
Jun 17, 2015 1963 63R-4609 Larry Delazzer Turquoise with fawn/turquoise interior, R1, automatic, P/S, air conditioning. Purchased from Ed Barrett, Knoxville, Tn. AACA show winner, currently has 11 preservation awards. 2015 Registration
Aug 28, 2016 1963 63R-4628 Art Thumwood A beautiful survivor. Sold originally to the Studebaker PR Dept. Avanti Red, R-1 with all possible options, including most 1964 upcoming changes. Halibrand wheels added. 2016 Registration
Oct 30, 2020 1963 63R-4641 Fausto Fornasari R2, gray, red interior, 4-speed. Sold in Milan Italy on 28 May 1963. 80000 miles original. 2010 Registration
Jul 29, 2014 1963 63R-4651 Rob Bilott R1, automatic transmission, AM/FM stereo. White with black/tan interior. 2014 Registration
May 27, 2006 1963 63R-4657 Karen C. Kramer Three owner history with documentation. Very good original condition with one repaint. Avanti Gold with Smoked Elk interior. R1 automatic with air and power steering. The car has its original drivetrain (engine number R5167 is listed in the owner's guide). Body number is RQ 3085. Originally purchaced in Clinton Iowa, now resides in New Jersey. Great car! 2006 Certified Registration
Jan 2, 2003 1963 63R-4663 R John MacIsaac R-2 titled as 1964, with round headlights. Second owner (since 1968), Avanti red, black/ fawn interior. Automatic/ twin traction, 86,00 original miles, PS, PB, PW. 2003 Registration
Oct 29, 2012 1963 63R-4665 George W. Cagle II Being restored. R1, red with black interior (813 BKV), automatic, power steering, white sidewalls, silent muffler, AM radio. I purchased the car in January, 2012. 2012 Registration
Apr 12, 2001 1963 63R-4668 Gary & Leila Croletto R1 4-speed, red with black/fawn interior with red and black carpets. PS/PB/PW/tinted glass, AM radio w/rear speaker. Original, unrestored, owned for 36 years, shown at Concours and Club events. 2001 Registration
Aug 15, 2009 1963 63R-4672 Bruce & Pat Slifer White body/orange-fawn interior, R1, 4-speed. Purchased by us 2/65. We are the second owners. Car is all original, not restored. Only items replaced have been the battery and tires. Presently (8/09) car has 86,000 miles. Won many Senior awards at early SDC/AOA National Meets. Has been garaged since March 1967 and never driven in rain or snow since then. 2009 Registration
Nov 11, 2002 1963 63R-4711 Jim Ober R2 with black body and black interior, original equipment. Partially restored, and looks great. Won Mayor's trophy at Glendale Cruise night in 1999. Originally owned by Don Goodenow, managing editor of L.A. Herald Examiner. I'm the second owner, and have owned it since 1975. 2002 Registration
Apr 17, 2010 1963 63R-4714 Kevin Zari White, Central Florida. Originally purchased used from Northeast Avanti, Inc. New Rochelle, NY.  2010 Registration
Dec 16, 2012 1963 63R-4719 David Wood Jr. (Woodsy) R1, 4-speed, non-power steering, non-air. Has Rocket aluminum wheels with original wheels and hubcaps if needed. Excellent condition inside and out, with the exception of deteriorating original paint (stil nice though) and minor rust on rear bumper underside.Hope to repaint this winter and install new rear window seal, will keep it original Grey. Black interior with red and black pepper carpet. Less than 70,000 miles, daily driver. Purchased just prior to R3694 in November 2010. Registered to me 3/15/2011. 2012 Certified Registration
Nov 29, 2003 1963 63R-4752 Terry A. Komejan R1 58,000 miles automatic, PS, PB and air conditioning. Car bought in Florida and driven to Michigan. Avanti grey with black interior, all original. 2003 Registration
Dec 6, 2002 1963 63R-4781 Alan Theodhor R1 93,000 miles, second owner, auto, PS, PB, PW, tinted glas,s am radio with rear speaker. Originally gold with fawn interior. Sold new in Waterbury Conn. in early 1964, titled as a 1964, has most 64 changes except headlights. I have owned the car for over twenty years. 2002 Registration
Apr 7, 2016 1963 63R-4789 Rick A. Melms R1, A/T, P/S, P/W, A/C, blue exterior, black and white interior. Modified with many upgrades. 2016 Registration
May 16, 2002 1963 63R-4803 Wayne Castor R-1. Originally a Turquoise 4-speed, no air. Purchased in Pennsylvania sight unseen, and driven back to Kansas. Restored in the early 1980's and updated with leather upholstery from a 78. Kept the low back seats. Has been converted to Low Gear start Automatic, 3.07 TT. and air conditioning. Vintage 64 Kelsey Hayes Mags on Steel rims. Many Avanti II upgrades on interior, but needs another restoration. 10 years in storage. Titled as a 64, as was my previous Avanti, R-4442. 2002 Registration
Apr 27, 2009 1963 63R-4805 James A. Coombs, Jr. R1, turquoise, automatic. Everything is stock. 2009 Registration
Dec 25, 2009 1963 63R-4810 Peter D. Miller 1963-1/2 transition model. R1 4-speed, originally 3-speed. First repaint in original white in 2004. All else, including monochrome black interior and engine, are original. First sold to an engineer at Livermore Labs in Livermore, California; 155,120 miles later, it is still in the Bay Area. 2009 Registration
May 2, 2009 1963 63R-4821 Susan J. Koeninger R1, red with red interior. My father, Pete Sheppard, was the original owner. Managed a Studebaker dealership and kept this car as the original owner. 2009 Registration
Dec 2, 2009 1963 63R-5041 Joseph E. Kutch R2, turquoise exterior with turqouise and cream interior, automatic, 65,000 original miles, power windows, PS, PB, needs restoration. 2009 Registration
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