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The painting by Don Wieland titled "Wintergrey - Curtain Call at Casa Loma."
Don Wieland has been presented with the Stellar Scholars Artistic Achievement Award for each of his contibutions to the Avanti Collection. "Wintergrey - Curtain Call at Casa Loma" celebrates a legendary party in 1963 at a Gothic Revival castle in Toronto where luminaries arrived in Studebaker Avantis. Twilight Zone mastermind Rod Serling might discuss his upcoming Cold War thriller Seven Days in May with James Bond creator Ian Fleming; Ricky Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet would compare notes with Michael Landon, of Bonanza; and Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra might concur with Dodger great Sandy Koufax's description of dropping a curveball "off the table." Contact: StellarScholars.net About the Artist
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Casa Loma
Casa Loma, former residence of financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt and site of the painting's inspiration.

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