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The 1963 Studebaker Avanti interiors were fawn and elk with black, turquoise, red, or orange. Pleated Regal vinyl upholstery (previously optional) replaced Perforated Delux vinyl upholstery in August of 1963. The 1964 interiors were velvet black (813 BKV), turquoise (823 TQV), claret red (833CLV), smoked elk (843 ELV), and metallic red (853 RDV). The nine 1963 upholstery / carpet combinations available from Studebaker are shown below. Avanti II interiors were made to custom specifications. Open Color Scheme Combinations to view samples
1963 Studebaker Avanti Upholstery and Carpet Color Schemes
Click Color Scheme below to view interior color combinations Instrument board, upper door moulding and rear shelf Seats, center door panels (plain with Deluxe upholstery and pleated with Regal upholstery), seat inserts pleated with Regal upholstery only Seat inserts with Deluxe upholstery only Carpet colors combine colors with black
Color Scheme No. 1 Fawn Elk Elk Fawn/Black
Color Scheme No. 2 Fawn Elk Elk Black
Color Scheme No. 3 Fawn Elk Elk Turquoise/Black
Color Scheme No. 4 Fawn Black Black Fawn/Black
Color Scheme No. 5 Fawn Black Black Turquoise/Black
Color Scheme No. 6 Fawn Black Black Red/Black
Color Scheme No. 7 Fawn Red Red Red/Black
Color Scheme No. 8 Fawn Orange Orange Orange/Black
Color Scheme No. 9 Fawn Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise/Black
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