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At the forward end of the long hood, there is no grille. Air is ducted to the radiator through a scoop hidden below the slender, blade-like bumper. The hood is a simple, angular shape with no embellishments other than single headlights set slightly inboard and a tapering, hard-edged asymmetric rise starting with the Studebaker logo surrounded by a chrome panel and extending back to form a cowling that meets the interior instrument cluster. Fenders are severely indented at the body's mid-section. From belt line to rocker, the panels are curved inward, forming what is called a coke bottle curve (or coke bottle contour). The roof and tail are tapered to meet in a bobbed fast-back and the quarter panels merge into the deck with a dramatically swooping curve.
Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #138: 1964 Studebaker Avanti Paxton Supercharged R2
Studebaker Avanti Exterior Styling
Aerodynamic wedge styling
Reinforced fiberglass body
Heavy duty steel bumpers
Recessed door handles
Re-entry curve wheel openings
Front hinged hood
Large rear window
Contoured side windows
Luggage contoured trunk
Dual exhausts
Wrap-around tail lights
Large back-up lights
Aircraft-type instrument light
Tinted windshield and rear window
Six body colors: Black, white, gray, turquoise, gold, and red
Large air scoop
Single unit headlamps
Parking lights and directional signals integrated in fender
Asymmetrical hood
"Live" rubber inserts in front and rear bumper
Front Detail
Forward thrust of wedge-shaped front.
Rear Detail
The swooping curve of bob-tailed rear.
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