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Stamped steel, five-lug wheels were standard, measuring 15 x 5 inches and furnished with decorative five-spoke wheel covers. The spaces between the spokes form five contrasting parabolic arcs that expand to the wheel rim. Standard tires were blackwall 6.70 x 15 bias-ply, although optional tires included whitewall, whitewall Nylon 500 and blackwall Nylon 500 bias plies, all in the same 6.70-inch dimension. Today it is not unusual to find an Avanti with aftermarket equipment, such as mag or wire wheels, or radial tires. A spare tire fits into a wheel well located under the carpeted trunk floor. Raymond Loewy described the aerodynamic shapes of his Avanti wheel openings as spacecraft "re-entry curves."
Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #138: 1964 Studebaker Avanti Paxton Supercharged R2
Wheel CoverStudebaker Avanti stock wheel covers.
Trunk Open
Trunk opened to show location of hidden wheel well.
Wheel Opening
Avanti wheel and tire inside the "re-entry curve" wheel opening.
Tire Well Open
Trunk open showing wheel well with spare tire. Photo courtesy Classic Car Repair & Restoration.
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