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Avanti engines were developed from the basic Studebaker V-8. The R1 was a 289 cubic inch carbureted version with a 4 barrel and the R2 was a 289 cubic inch version equipped with a supercharger. Most Avantis were equipped with one of these two engines, though the R2 could not be equipped with air conditioning. The R3 was a special performance supercharged variation displacing 304 cubic inches and very few of these were built. The R3 version came with a bored out 304.5 cubic inch V-8 stuffed into the engine bay, modified suspension and the standard front disc brakes. Engine development was the responsibility of Andy Granatelli. Like the earlier 289 ci R2 version, the R3 was also supercharged, fully blueprinted to racing specs and hand built by Paxton. Road& Track, tested an auto-equipped R3 back in 1963 and recorded a zero to 60 mph (100 km/h) time of 5.5 seconds! There were also R4 and R5 performance variations, but none of these were sold to the public. In 1963 and 1964, Larks and Hawks could be ordered with Avanti engines, and a relatively small number were so equipped. As would be expected, parts for R series engines are harder to find and more expensive than for standard Studebaker V-8's.
Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #138: 1964 Studebaker Avanti Paxton Supercharged R2
Original Studebaker Engine Specifications
Engine 90° V-8 OHV
Bore and stroke 3.56" x 3.52"
Pistons Aluminum, tin-plated auto-thermic type
Piston displacement 289
Compression ratio w/o supercharger 10.25 to 1
Compression ratio w/supercharger 9 to 1
Carburetor downdraft 4 barrels
Cams High lift
Crankshaft bearings Heavy-duty
Distributor Dual breaker
Drive fan Viscous with power saving cutout
Crankcase capacity 5 quarts
Cooling system capacity 17 quarts (add 1 qt. for heater)
Fuel tank capacity 21 gallons
Fuel recommended Premium
Dual exhausts Standard
Oil filter Full flow
Studebaker R3 Specifications
Engine Overhead valve V-8, 304.5-cu .in., 400 hp @ 6000 rpm
Base price Base price: $ 5,980 (includes R3 performance package)
Base weight 3195 lbs
Body Reinforced fiberglass with steel roll bar
Frame Ladder type with X-member and four crossbars
Wheelbase 109 inches
Length 192.4 inches
Track (f/r) 57.4/56.6
Suspension Independent coil springs, tubular
Suspension (rear) Semi-elliptic springs, tubular shocks and anti-sway bar
Brakes Hydraulic disc
Brakes (rear) Hydraulic finned drum, power-assisted
Compression Ratio 9.75:1
Transmission 3-speed Warner power-shift automatic
Studebaker Avanti R-Series Comparison Table
series cu. in. carb super
distributor cam springs heads pistons exhaust manifolds ignition tach
R1 289 single
4 brl
non-super charged 10.25:1 dual point 260
valve springs

R2 289 single
4 brl
9.0:1 dual point 260
valve springs

R3 304.5 single
4 brl
9.5:1 dual point/ mechanical advance 276 or 288
single or dual valve springs special forged tuned port transigniter
8000 rpm scale
R4 304.5 dual
4 brl
non-super charged 12:1 dual point/ mechanical advance 276 or 288
single or dual valve springs special forged tuned port transigniter


dual-super charged

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