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Studebaker Avanti R1001 was the first production Avanti. LeMay - America's Car Museum is restoring the car to its original condition when it was produced as a 1963 model. The car is confirmed by documentation as #1001- the first Avanti sold. The vin or serial number on 1963-1964 Avantis is embossed on a stainless tag about 2 in. x 3 in. on the top side of the right frame rail directly below the heater blower motor in the engine compartment. The engine in this car is number #1002 which matches the build data on file with the Studebaker Museum. The body is back to the original color, Avanti White. The engine work is done, complete with the restored supercharger. The chrome and stainless are ready for installation, a new radiator is installed, all the gauges have been professionally restored and calibrated, and many new parts have been procured and are ready for re-assembly. The transmission and the brake booster are being refurbished. A set of 1963 Avanti rims have been obtained and tires will be ordered. The search continues for items such as a Tuxedo Orange carpet set. Photos courtesy LeMay America's Car Museum visit the Avanti 1001 Project
R1001 Body
The R1001 body restored to its original white color.
R1001 Engine
Restored engine #1002.
Studebaker Avanti R1001 Front
The first Avanti R1001 painted to resemble a hotrod.
Studebaker Avanti R1001 Driver Side
Avanti 1001 Project will restore R1001 to its original state.
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