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In the fall of 1958 Studebaker introduced the Lark as a 1959 model. The Lark was about to become popularly recognized as the first “compact car.” The strategy worked for Studebaker and though the Lark was not the first American car of a smaller size, so much recent emphasis had been put on “longer, wider and lower” models that the "compact", unadorned Lark seemed fresh and appealing. The "Big Three" had compact models under development for 1960. Chevrolet introduced the rear-engine Corvair, Ford unveiled the Falcon and Chrysler followed with their Valiant. The new smaller models sold well but sales of the Lark fell that year and plummeted thereafter. Beginning with the 1963 Cruiser, the Lark name was gradually phased out and by early 1964, Lark-based models were being marketed under Commander, Daytona and Cruiser nameplates. Click the left hand pages of the Lark Brochure below to read the text
1963 Lark Skytop
The Studebaker Lark Skytop.
1960 Lark Brochure
A "Look at The Lark Four-Door Sedan."
1960 Lark Brochure
A Studebaker Lark four-door sedan.
1960 Lark Hardtop
A "Look at The Lark Hardtop."
1960 Lark Hardtop
A Studebaker Lark hardtop.
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