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Throughout Bruce Wagner's television miniseries, "Wild Palms," white 1963 Studebaker Avantis portrayed as police vehicles, appear in the background. Harry Wyckoff (James Belushi) accepts a job as president of a massive global TV company. He is confronted with a radical technology called "The New Reality" that projects 3 dimensional TV images into living rooms all around the world. Harry rises to the top of the company with his career, but once there he is caught in a web of intrigues, betrayal and murder. Executive producer Oliver Stone offered a '60s soundtrack, retro clothing, and stylish art direction. Japanese techno pop composer Ryuichi Sakamoto composed the soundtrack. Wild Palms YouTube Video
Wild Palms Avantis
Two 63 Studebaker Avanti security vehicles and a Checker cab in a scene from the TV miniseries Wild Palms.
Wild Palms Scene
Ryuichi Sakamoto composed the score.
Wild Palms Sunglasses
Backlit sunglasses are featured.
Avanti Security Vehicle
The Avanti security vehicle.
Wild Palms Scene
Chickie Levitt.
Wild Palms Sunglasses
Father and son confrontation.
Avanti Security Vehicle
Inside the refridgerator.
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