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Avanti and Professor Plutonium
Professor Plutonium (Tom Kane) drives an Avanti in the Power Puff Girls Movie. The professor created Bubbles (Tara Strong), Blossom (Cathy Cavadini) and Buttercup (E. G. Daily). He never meant for them to have super powers, that happened when "Chemical X" got thrown into the mix. During their first day at the Pokey Oats School, they learn to play tag and destroy the town doing it. When the townspeople see the destruction the girls have wrought, they imprison the professor, print nasty newspaper headlines and vow to get those pesky kids. The outcast girls find solace and sympathy in an alley with a hobo named Jojo (Roger L. Jackson). Jojo convinces them that he'll build a machine that will make everything better and the townspeople will like them again. The girls believe him, and end up using their powers to help him achieve what is actually a diabolical plan to take over Townsville using an army of mutant simians. Once the girls realize the error of their ways, they battle Jojo and his army of monkeys, attempting to save the world before bedtime and to earn the trust of the townspeople. Powerpuff Girls Movie
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