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Jack Ashcraft's "Great Cars I Remember" were published tributes to the 1963 and 1964 Studebaker Avanti. They were syndicated in newspapers and magazines in the mid-1970s, more than 15 years after the Avanti's sensational introduction. The 1963 Studebaker Avanti feature was published in 1976.

Great Cars I Remember 1963 - Raymond Loewy and Studebaker shook the automotive world with this coke bottle-shaped fiberglass GT coupe - a design called the best since the 1936 Cord. Avanti came standard with V8 engine, 4-speed stick, disc brakes, roll bar, bucket seats, and a glove box vanity case. Optional supercharged V8, automatic, air, radio, heater, and power steering.

Great Cars Cars I Remember 1964 - Stude's intro of this smashing Loewy designed coupe at the 1962 New York Auto Show stunned the world. No one had ever seen a car "designed without one straight line" before! Exotic equipment was standard on Avanti: Front disc brakes, bucket seats, roll bar, overhead lighting switches, tach, manifold vacuum guage, and seat belts.
Great Cars I Remember
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