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Avantis appear in many films and television shows. In 1993 Avantis zipped through Wild Palms as police vehicles, in 1997 Avantis appeared throughout the film Gattaca as cars of the future, and an Avanti is seen again in the 2011 science fiction thriller In Time! Open the Avanti Movies Menu, above, left to find more of the movies that include the Avanti or click on a DVD below for that movie.
Knight Rider
Richard Straman convertible appears in a chase scene.
A 1964 Avanti is on display at the Dallas Auto Show.
Happyness DVD
A red Avanti speeds by in the background.
Roll Bounce DVD
An Avanti parked on the street in a Chicago neighborhood.
Stewart Saves His Family DVD
Stuart is hit by an Avanti while posing for a family snapshot.
Wild Palms
White Avantis patrol the streets as police vehicles.
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