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A modified Studebaker Avanti grows fins and flies on Futurama, the animated TV series - Futurama is an Emmy nominated, animated series created by Matt Groening for the Fox Network. Groening also created the hit series, The Simpsons. Futurama follows Philip J. Fry after he is cryogenically frozen at midnight, December 31, 1999, and is revived a thousand years later in the year 2999. The original series aired from March 28, 1999, to August 10, 2003. The story line revolves around the escapades of an "Intergalactic Delivery Boy" named Fry. The characters include Bender, a smartass robot; Leela, captain and pilot of the "Planet Express Delivery Ship;" Nibbler, Leela's Nibblonian pet; and mad scientist, Professor Farnsworth. The professor designed a future car when he was young — an Avanti modified for space travel! Groening's drawing is a conglomeration of the Avanti and 50s concept cars. Futurama on Comedy Central
Futurama Spaceship
Spaceship and cityscape in a scene from Futurama.
Avanti in Futurama
The Avanti modified for space travel in Futurama.
Volkswagon in Futrama Volkswagon Beetle convertible.
Mercedes Benz in Futurama
1930 Mercedes Benz 770.
AMC Pacer in Futurama
1975 AMC Pacer.
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